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Create your Incubator profile and get access to the Start-ups across the country from various industry sectors for the support of Incubation to the Start-ups. Fill in your Incubation support preference to get connected with the Start-ups.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is an Incubator profile & who can create an Incubator profile?
    Business incubators are organizations geared toward speeding up the growth and success of Start-ups and early stage companies.
  • What kinds of Incubation support information I can share?
    The incubator profile allows you to mention the following information to be shared with the website visitors.
    • Professional experience in years & the sector of expertise
    • Subject expertise
    • Preferred sectors for the incubation support
    • Preferred location of the Business reach of the Incubator
  • Can two Incubator profiles be created for the same Incubator Company?
    BusinessEx allows two different persons form the same Incubator Company to create Incubator profiles. But we would take issues if two profiles are giving contradictory information for the same Incubator Company.
  • As an Incubator profile, whom can I reach-out?
    BusinessEx allows the Incubator profiles to reach-out to the Businesses and Start-ups listed in the site. You can get connected with the Businesses / Start-ups and also the vice versa of the Business / Start-ups reaching out to you.

    You are free to take your conversations ahead between the profile of introduction and yourself after getting introduced.

  • What is the sector preference field?
    You can give the preferred sector for your investment requirement. This will be the one of the criteria for the Business to contact you. If you have given multiple sectors as your preference, businesses of those sectors will be able to reach-out to you.

    Please be noted that you are allowed to reach-out to business which are not in your sector preference and Businesses who are not in you sector preference will be reaching out to you also. The field is predominantly to capture your preferences to get you connected easily with businesses.

    If you feel that the sector of your preference is not available in the listing, please reach-out to us to get the sector / industry preference added in the listing.