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LG Launches 5G Dual-Screen Smartphone, V50thinQ

The south-Korean smartphone manufacturer, LG has launched a 5G, dual-screen smartphone.
BY BEx Bureau
Feb 25, 2019

On Sunday, LG, a mobile maker, has released a 5G smartphone to restore the staggering sales in the weaker global market. The newly launched smartphone is a featured, dual-screen phone named V50ThinQ.

The smartphone works independently, in turn, will enhance the user experience. By using the smartphone, users can easily do two things at a time. The South-Korean smartphone manufacturing company, LG has seen a dip in the sales figure in 2018 as Chinese smartphone companies namely, Huawei Technologies and Xiaomi had taken over the share in weaker segments of the global market.

Both the Chinese smartphones companies ( Huawei and Xiaomi) have launched their respective smartphones on Mobile World Congress, which is a yearly congregation of the telecom industry, wherein Xiaomi launched a smartphone worth $ 680 whilst Huawei released a foldable smartphone amounting $2,600.

Amidst the tough competition, LG is nevertheless recognized for its first-rate video as well as audio quality. Thus, concentrating on the demands of the users, LG has launched a second smartphone named G8ThniQ. The smartphone comprises amazing features, such as unlocking the phone without touching the phones screen. Instead of the touch sensitivity, the newly launched smartphone, G8ThinQ employs light sensors which scan the veins of the users hand or face.

David Montanya, Evangelist of LG product, apprised that it would be harder to 'spoof' than the FaceID feature used in Apple's iPhone X because the vein structure in a user's hand has less than one chance in a billion of being the same as anyone else's, as reported by the Indian daily newspaper, The Economic Times.

The sensor chips in the front camera of G8ThinQ are created by Infineon Technologies, a German company.

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