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How Amazon Making A Splash Through Eero’s Acquisition

At present, tech companies are concentrating on improving the customer experience.
BY BEx Bureau
Feb 15, 2019

Easing the internet accessibility has become a motive for giant enterprises now. Back in the day, no one has wondered that there would be something more useful and ecstatic than Home Sweet Home. Though, the invention of smart homes has proven many misperceptions wrong. The advancing technology has now merged with peoples lifestyle and has transformed the human lives entirely. With the inception of smart devices, entertaining, studying and especially, conversing have become easier.

Building A Passage To Realize Smart Home Vision

Besides inventing new products, tech companies are now concentrating on improving customer experience. In the pursuit of augmenting users experience, Amazon has procured Eero, a meshing Wi-Fi rendering company. The e-commerce company has acquired the licensed router system on Monday evening. The move is reckoned to be a well-considered decision to lay a foundation of smart houses in the offing.

Other than the present acquisition, Amazon has been selling plenty of other smart home devices also. Echo (smart, vocal weather speaker), Ring (hi-tech security camera) and FireTV (media streamer for TVs) are some of the smart home appliances in the array. Through the latest invention, the e-commerce company will be making a splash against the competitors.

Why Is Eero A Big Deal For Amazon?

Amazon has a foreknowledge that smart homes will be trending in the offing. Keeping this in mind, the e-tailer has made an eminent decision and procured Eero. Basically, Eero is a startup venture which caters Mesh Wi-Fi systems to an enormous range of retailers, including Amazon.

At the moment, many people are not versed about what mesh Wi-Fi systems are. These Wi-Fi routers are highly developed systems which cap the entire house of a user and ensure equable network connectivity in every nook and cranny. So after installing this device, the user can receive strong Wi-Fi signals even at the place which has the poorest network coverage. Currently, there are a few router systems which render the same type of experience and service. So, by opting-in, Amazon may plan to put its roots deeper in the nascent industry.

Coming to the competitors, Netgear and Google Wi-Fi are currently competing Eero in the market. The strategic move of Amazon is reckoned to be a mode to stay ahead of Google.

How Eero Can Turn Helpful To Amazon

Before Eero, Amazon has purchased other smart devices as well. Following the current purchase, Amazon has two options available. First, the e-tailer can use the newly procured brand as its subsidiary and launch new products under the sub-brand Eero. The company is employing similar strategies for its other brands too.

The second plan would be to merge the brand with Amazon Echo. Through the conglomeration, the new product will come out as an advanced Wi-Fi. The new product will augment a users experience in personal space.

The addition of an advanced Wi-Fi product will precipitate better performance of other internet-connected devices. Mostly, home appliances in the latest house models are well-connected with the online devices to safeguard the property and increment facilities for inmates. Furthermore, the installation of the new product will ensure that all products are running smoothly.

Optimizing Data

As Amazon is trailing its competitor, the e-commerce may optimize the acquired data the way its competitors are doing. Under Googles term, a device does not monitor a users browsing history or intrude in his privacy. The e-tailer company may follow the same benchmarks and optimize the data for better user experience.

On the flip side, the company would grasp personal information about the users such as well-employed house appliances, reliability on the devices and so on. In this manner, the e-commerce company may monitor the users activity and develop new products keeping their requirements into consideration.

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