GroCurv Raises Seed Funding from Unicorn Investments

GroCurv simplifies the purchase of marketing and sales services, and also brings transparency, speed and objectivity to the process
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  • May 15, 2020
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GroCurv Pvt. Ltd, which administers an eponymous brand, lately raised seed funding from venture capital company, Unicorn Investments.

"Services procurement is transforming with the digitalization of supply chain and technology like NLP and machine learning delivering significant efficiency and savings. The team at GroCurv is solving a very relevant, high impact problem of building a global platform to help companies find perfect solutions for their sales and marketing requirements. Their traction in the first 12 months has been very impressive and a very healthy repeat customer rate. Clients large and small using their services is indeed a very positive sign for us,"Monika Jain, Director at Unicorn Investments, said in an interview with Business World.

GroCurv is a strategic addition to our portfolio of high growth B2B SaaS companies as we expand our footprint in South Asia, Jain added.

We aim at bringing a new narrative to high-value B2B services procurement. Speed, transparency and reliability for clients looking for the right agency to solve their growth challenges. The platforms experience with every project helps sharpen recommendations on Agencies, Pricing, KPIs, Goals and Outcomes which allow clients to better manage and analyse marketing spends. Data is helping clients and agencies establish objective parameters for establishing business goals and outcomes,"Venkatesh Rangachari, Co-Founder at GroCurv, told the cited media agency.

"GroCurv is cutting the agency sourcing process from months to days and delivering savings of 20 per cent or more for companies on their marketing spends. We will leverage the investments to further accelerate our product and technology development and expand our client base through targeted spends on marketing, Rangachari added.

Venkatesh Rangachari and Vipul Gupta started the company in 2019. It essentially simplifies the purchase of marketing and sales services, and also brings transparency, speed and objectivity to the process.

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