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Ayurvedic products Business Investment opportunities in India

Looking for a perfect investor for your business? BusinessEx provides a 7 of investors with investment preferences in FMCG having all over India as their preferred location(s) for investment. We recommended to create a Investor profile in BusinessEx.

  • Anuj Bansal
    CEO,Amigos Alliance LLP
    Verified Mobile
    Summary Serial Entrepreneur & Investor with more than 2 decades of experience
    Inv. Preference Investment / Acquisition
    Investment Size 10 Lakhs - 10 Crores
    Location Preference Haryana, Delhi, India +
    Haryana, Delhi, India
    Sector Preference Pharmacies,Ayurvedic... +
    Pharmacies,Ayurvedic products,Tourism services
  • Asadullah khalid
    Owner,Crazy Indya
    Verified Mobile
    Summary I want to open FMCG store in Patna, so want to purchase running business
    Inv. Preference
    Investment Size 0 - 0
    Location Preference N/A
    Sector Preference Food & beverage products,Ayurvedic... +
    Food & beverage products,Ayurvedic products
  • Namit Shivi
    Verified Mobile
    Summary Oil And Gas entrepreneur, we have been investing in commodity trade. Ranging from...
    Inv. Preference Investment
    Investment Size 5 Lakhs - 5.0000
    Location Preference N/A
    Sector Preference Technology,Financial... +
    Technology,Financial services,Ayurvedic products,Renewable energy related
  • Rajreddy Chamawar
    CEO,Chamawar Pvt. Ltd
    Verified Mobile
    Summary I am an IT Professional with 10 years of experience. Looking for Business that are...
    Inv. Preference Investment / Acquisition
    Investment Size 0.0000 - 0.0000
    Location Preference Mumbai, Maharashtra,... +
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, India, Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Sector Preference IT Consulting,Healthcare... +
    IT Consulting,Healthcare services,Manufacturing,FMCG,Healthcare products
  • Nithin Rajan
    Representative,Aeon Procare Pvt Ltd
    Verified Mobile
    Summary We are looking out for opportunity to acquire a company based on Nutraceutical, Ayurveda...
    Inv. Preference Investment / Acquisition
    Investment Size 10 Crores - 20 Crores
    Location Preference Gujarat, Maharashtra,... +
    Gujarat, Maharashtra, India
    Sector Preference Ecommerce websites,Nutraceuticals,Healthcare... +
    Ecommerce websites,Nutraceuticals,Healthcare services,Healthcare products,Ayurvedic products
  • Shravan Naidu
    Investor,S N Builders and Developers
    Not Verified Mobile
    Summary We are into a 15 years old building construction family business
    Inv. Preference Acquisition
    Investment Size 10 Lakhs - 50 Lakhs
    Location Preference Bangalore, Karnataka,... +
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    Sector Preference Computer hardware,Ayurvedic... +
    Computer hardware,Ayurvedic products,Dairy products,Express Food Joints,Healthcare products,Restaurants,Quick Service Restaurants
  • V Kiran Kumar V
    Senior Engineer,Carrier
    Verified Mobile
    Summary Coming from a business family, ready to invest in any sector.
    Inv. Preference Investment / Acquisition
    Investment Size 5 Lakhs - 30 Lakhs
    Location Preference Visakhapatnam, Andhra... +
    Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, India, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    Sector Preference FMCG,Software services +
    FMCG,Software services

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