Looking for business funding or transactional financing to grow your middle market business?

Whether its a sector specific transaction or an inorganic growth objective or divestment of a company, our team can be pivotal in sourcing, engaging and managing of capital, seed, venture capital, private equity, banking, financing and alternative lending
Personal Information
Mobile Available after Interaction
Email id Available after Interaction
Designation Fund Manager, GOFYB™
Location Available after Interaction
Investor Information

Investor TypeIndividual or Investment Firm

Investor Company GOFYB™
Investor Designation Fund Manager
Professional Summary GOFYB™ is one of the best-capitalised Funding Management as a Service (FMaaS). We manage annually over US$ 100 million funds deployed across diversified middle market companies by partnering with the largest and most sophisticated private investors.

1. Investment Preference (Investment/Acquisition)

For Investment:
Investment Size- 1.0 Crore - 60.0 Crore
Investment Stake Preference:55 %
Full Acquisition
Purchasing Capacity: 6.0 Crore - 100.0 Crore

2. Location Preference

3. Sector Preference

  • IT infrastructure
  • IT Consulting
  • Engineering services
  • Consulting
  • Computer and ICT Services

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