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Logistics India 2017

How goods and services moves around?
BY Ritu Marya
Editor in Chief, Editorial
Jul 2017

Logistics, which is considered to be the backbone of any economy as it enables the flow of goods, services and related information. The sector witnesses steady growth as many industries like retail, e-commerce, FMCG etc. grow, in spite of the drawbacks like inefficient connectivity and lower road capacity. Looking at the dynamism of the industry there is an acute need for the development of roads and dedicated freight for the transportation of goods and services.

In this report, an understanding of the industry is intended by looking at facts about the market and its key constituents. Further, the government policies and initiatives are listed which aims at supporting and developing the industry further.

Highest funded startups are also listed; these are the most innovative ones in the industry, which can give an insight to investors to understand what will work. Lastly, there are challenges the industry is currently facing.

Industry Reports


Logistic 2017-18

Industry at a glance

Roads and rail


Civil Aviation


Top 10 Players in the Indian Logistic Sector

Highest Funded Start-Ups (In million $)

Government Regulations and Initiatives

Diesel deregulation

Building Highways

Carriage of goods by road Act-2011

Dedicated freight corridor

Goods and Services Tax

Make in India



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