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Retail Industry India- 2017

Understanding Indian Retail
BY Shrishti Rai
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jul 2017

Retail- One of the most important pillars of Indian economy has seen a tremendous shift from being largely unorganised to much more organised as India grows. The industry is recognised as one of the most desired amongst those of other countries. Like many other industries in the country, the retail industry is further expected to grow driven by factors such as urbanisation, favourable demographics, modernisation and demand for new and quality products amongst the citizens of the country.

The report highlights how the industry has grown in the past and how much it is expected to grow in the future in terms of the number of new stores, shopping malls supermarkets etc. Growth in the FMCG sector is also directly related to growth in retails as they make the product portfolio for these stores is understood.

Furthermore, the structure of the industry is given which explains what all falls under the sector. The reasons for the investors to invest and the challenges to the retailers are discussed.

Industry Reports


  • Market
  • Customer Expenditure
  • Market Valuation
  • Modern Retail Market
  • FMCG Market
  • Revenue from Online Retail
  • Rise in the number of Supermarkets
  • Classification of Retail Market
  • Porters Five Forces Analysis for Retail Industry
  • Why to invest
  • Challenges
  • Sources