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Textile Industry India-2017

The report covers the important aspects of the textile industry and highlights the market and structure.
BY Shrishti Rai
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Sep 2017

The Indian textile industry is amongst the oldest industries in the economy that has been in operation for centuries. Textiles is one of the leading industry that provides to Indias exports which about 16 per cent of the total exports. The industry is highly labour intensive stands to be one of the largest employers in the country. This industry like others is divided into two broad segments, organised and unorganised. The unorganised part consists of handloom textiles produced by a weaving device operated by hand, handicrafts in which fabrics and other products are created by the use of hands and sericulture, the process involved in the production of silk, all operated by traditional tools and methods. The organised sector engages in the processes in the production of apparel and garments segment, using machinery and techniques.

The report covers an analysis of the market and highlights the key activities involved in the production process. Also the growth drivers in the industry along with the challenges that are faced by the players in the industry.

Industry Reports


Structure of Textile Industry

Drivers of growth

  • Rising Income and changing lifestyle
  • Increasing urbanisation and Increase in the number of working
  • Skill Development Drives
  • Emphasis on Technical Textile
  • Growth in textile exports
  • Growth in electronic exports
  • Support from Government