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Restaurants Industry- 2017

Let's get some food?
BY Shrishti Rai
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jun 2017

Restaurants- India has always been known worldwide for its rich food culture and variation in the tastes as one moves from state to state. Various factors including modernization, changing demographics, urbanisation are accelerating the growth of the industry. Food and beverage industry is currently one of the most attractive industries across the globe from business and investment perspective.

This report highlights the restaurants' industry as it operates in India and eating out habits of Indians. The trends that are going to transform the industry like technology, food standards and increased importance of healthy eating will be predominant. Further, the start-ups in the industry that are young, innovative and attracted the eyes of investors are mentioned. Several challenges faced by the industry are also discussed.

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  • Market
  • India eating out
  • Trends in the Market
  • Fast food chains are more successful than independent due to higher average transaction value
  • Upcoming Trends in the food service industry
  • How industry looks like
  • Funding received by the industry startups in 2017
  • Challenges
  • Sources