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Mobile Application Market- India 2017

How Mobile Application Market has grown.
BY Shrishti Rai
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Aug 2017

India is the second largest country by population, number of internet users, number of mobile subscriptions and number of smartphone users in the world. India has outpaced the US by displaying highest growth in the Mobile Application market in the year 2016. The affinity towards ease of usage, technology and increased adoption of smartphones along with subscription in mobile space has augmented the embracing of mobile apps, which clearly appears in the recent statistics of the market. This study addresses many aspects in length; there are some of the key findings in this report, particular to India, talking about the change and growth of mobile apps in 2016.

The reasons expressing why to invest in mobile apps can prove to be fruitful for the prosperity and growth of ones business. In addition, challenges that are most likely to appear in the way of creating an app for your business are discussed.

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