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Travel and Tourism Industry- 2017

An analysis of India's travel market
BY Shrishti Rai
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Oct 2017

The reports talk about the travel market as a whole, shedding light on the sub-sectors, emerging trends. Additionally, the startups in this space and their funding details are included along with the factors making the industry a good investment destination. Indians over the last few years have shown affinity toward travelling, due to various factors like well-educated and tech-savvy young population, rising income levels. The tourism and hospitality industry is a very prominent industry amongst the service sectors in the country and is growing at a fast. The industry has an enormous prospect of growth bearing in mind the diverse culture, amusing historical inheritance, ecological aspects and numerous destinations known for their natural beauty. The major areas in this industry are modes of transportation, accommodation catering, attractions and tour packaging. Investors can venture into online travel space as people are moving towards planning their travels online, instead of going to traditional offline agents.

Industry Reports


Subdivision of the sector

Upcoming Segments under Tourism

Trends in the Tourism Industry

Startups in the Travel Space

Increase in Travel Spending

Why invest in Travel industry