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Bakery Industry- India

All you need to know before investing.
BY Shrishti Rai
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Aug 2017

Bakery industry is one of the oldest businesses in India, which is modernising and is constantly changing in terms of product range and services. The movement toward healthy eating habits is one of the greatest influencers of the industry, along with others listed in the report.

This research report helps you get a detailed overview of the industry by providing an overview of the industry along with the market structure and classifications. The report delivers a market analysis by touching various growth driving factors in the industry and latest ongoing market trends. This report helps one to understand the present scenario of the industry by explaining the market. For an investor who is willing to venture into a particular industry, key points are listed pointed why this industry is a good option for buying, selling and investing into. The challenges that are to be faced while running a bakery business are also listed.

Industry Reports


Types of bakeries

Online Bakeries

Traditional Counter Service Bakers

Specialty Bakers

Caf like Bakeries

Sub-categories in the products

Trends in the industry

Why invest in bakery industry