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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is an Investor profile?
    Investor profile is the one through which one can get connected with the Businesses and Start-ups to invest in the business of his choice.
  • Who can create an Investor Profile?
    BusinessEx allows creating investor profiles which will be of individuals. But the type of investor profiles will be based on whether the profile is created for an separate individual or a person working in investment firm. The different types of investor profiles in BusinessEx are :
    • Individual Investor
    • Persons working in Investment arm of a Corporate Firm
    • Persons working in Venture Capital firm
    • Persons working in Private Equity firm
  • How many investor profiles types are available with
    There are two types of investor profiles. The investor profiles types are based on the purpose the profile is created. The two purpose of profile creation are either it is for an individual or it's by a person working in an investment firm (Corporate / VC / PE).
  • Can persons from Investment firms create profiles?
    Yes. Persons who are working in investment firms (Corporate / VC / PE) can create Investor profiles which will be verified with our verification process.
  • What is the criterion to create an Investor profile?
    There are no criteria to create an investor profile. But for the verification status of the investor profile you would be required to produce the verification documents and other requirement to get you completely verified.
  • What is the sector preference field?
    You can give the preferred sector for your investment requirement. This will be the one of the criteria for the Business to contact you. If you have given multiple sectors as your preference, businesses of those sectors will be able to reach-out to you.

    Please be noted that you are allowed to reach-out to business which are not in your sector preference and Businesses who are not in you sector preference will be reaching out to you also. The field is predominantly to capture your preferences to get you connected easily with businesses.

    If you feel that the sector of your preference is not available in the listing, please reach-out to us to get the sector / industry preference added in the listing.

  • What kinds of investment preferences are available in
    BusinessEx provides two kinds of investment preference to get your money to be invested as mentioned below.
    • You can give your preference to get your money invested in a Business for a particular stake in the Business
    • You can give your preference to make acquisition / purchase a business completely
  • What is stake and what can I enter for the information?
    Business stake here refers to the Equity stake in the Business. It is the percentage of ownership that has been held by a person in a company. Based on the amount of stake owned by a person / company, they can exercise some level of control, influence or participation in the activities of the company.
  • How can I keep my profile private?
    Your profile details will be kept with confidentiality with BusinessEx. But you cannot keep your basic contact information as a completely confidential when you get introduced with a Business, because the complete Business information is revealed to other person once you get introduced with them.