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Startup Mentorship Seekers

Mentors are the solution to a common problem that new entrepreneurs face in their initiation period. Most of the startup fails within a year which is not due to innovation but because of improper management. For entrepreneurs, a support from an experienced player of the industry is an advantage that can lead a startup to big achievements.

Mentorship has become a necessity for some startups because they need guidance on every small step like how to tap into a new market and how to make decisions that will ensure future growth. They are the startup growth rate boosters who also helps an entrepreneur to develop both personal and at the professional level.

If you are seeking for mentorship then let’s see why BusinessEx is the right choice.

Why BusinessEx?

BusinessEx is a platform which simplifies the problems of both mentor and a startup by providing a one-stop solution where they both can interconnect. This portal offers its services for all the startups and mentor seeking opportunities.

For startups, they can create their own profile in order to find the suitable mentor. They have the autonomy to select the mentor of their choice from the available options.

For mentors, they can also seek startup opportunities for their mentorship services via this platform. They have the liberty to find a startup in the given 14 industries from all over India.

If you are interested in using our services then this is high time to register. For more information, we would be happy to help you.