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Startup Acquisition Seekers

In India, the number of business keeps on increasing but on the other hand, there are many that are planning to sell it too. There are many reasons why an entrepreneur plans to sell the business but the challenge that they face is finding the right buyer.

The reason that the buyers are so selective is that they check whether the following attributes meet up to their needs. The attributes are location; the industry type should be of their choice, financially stable, good network, team, etc. Buyers generally think that buying a startup could be a bad choice but they are wrong because a startup has high growth prospects than other businesses.

These are some of the factors why startups and buyers are unable to close the deal. If you are also facing the similar issue then BusinessEx is the key to it.

Why BusinessEx?

The reason that BusinessEx is the right platform for buyers and startups is that they can easily fulfill their needs by networking. This platform offers a space where startups can list themselves in order to find the right buyer. Also, buyers can also look out for startup opportunities available for sale.

For startups, they can create the startup profile to scout for buyers looking for opportunities.

For buyers, they can create their investor profile and look out for startup opportunities available on the platform.

Both the parties can interconnect via this portal if their requirements meet to close the deal.

If you have any query then feel free to connect with us.