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Mentors are the experienced players in the business world, who willingly help businesses to follow the right practices. Mentors are the individuals who support an entrepreneur to build up their business. The support from a mentor not only helps in business growth but also enhance entrepreneur’s mindset on how to run a business.

In India, a lot of startups and businesses shut down in a short time span because of improper management and decision making. A mentor is a required support that can change the future of the business. Having a mentor really helps in boosting up the growth speed of a business.

Why Mentor?

There are myriad advantages of having a mentor which can help in finding the success for your business:

  • Enhance entrepreneur skills with guidance.
  • Their experience and knowledge help a business to walk on the right path.
  • They are always ready to help businesses even if they are going through a rough phase.
  • They don’t have many demands before selecting a business opportunity.
  • They help business in building connections in the industry.
Why BusinessEx?

This platform offers a common space where mentors and businesses can fulfil their desired needs. The businesses can now find the right business mentor here from the available options. The mentors can also select the business opportunity of their choice from the given 14 industries. The registered mentors and businesses are from all over India. If you are interested then this is the right time to create your own profile. For more information, contact us or register.