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Stock broking Businesses For Sale in India

BusinessEx is a marketplace where buying and selling of business takes place. At present, there is 1 stock broking business For Sale registered on the platform. The available opportunities are from all over India so you have the liberty to select your preferred location. Stock broking businesses For Sale can be registered with as low budget of 5 Lakhs and can go upto an investment of 5 Lakhs.

How to sell stock broking business?

To sell a stock broking business on BusinessEx you can initiate the process by creating your Business Profile on BusinessEx. The business profile will showcase the required information on the platform to attract a buyer, like business location, asking price, industry, etc but the confidential information will remain undisclosed until the seller’s approval.  Once you created the profile then select the payment plan to ensure that your profile is live on the website. Interested buyers will review your profile and if your requirements match with them, they will connect with you on this platform for further negotiation. For more information please refer to FAQs or connect with us.

Why stock broking business?

Stock brokerage business is a place which deals in stock buying and selling. There are professionals in the brokerage firm who analyse the stocks market and identify the risk of investment. These professionals buy and sell stock on behalf of their clients and in exchange they get commission as their income. This is a great business opportunity as the number of transactions in stock exchange market is booming constantly and to manage investors money the need for brokers is also increasing. A financial market is a place where a huge amount of money is involved so to reduce risks investors hire brokerage firms. As per ICRA research report, the brokerage industry income is projected to hike up to Rs.180-190 billion in the fiscal year 2018. It is hard to find stock broking businesses For Sale in India so better grasp the opportunities that are available now.

Investors, mentors, brokers, buyers, incubators and lenders can now find stock broking business opportunities on BusinessEx. To know more, register now.

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