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Security Services Businesses For Sale in India

Owing to the rising criminal offences, personal and public security have become important concern. Besides this, there is a growing concern for protecting data breaches that happen in public and private institutions massively. In order to avert criminal offences, entrepreneurs are largely investing in existing Security Services Businesses. Mainly, the businessmen are purchasing old Security Services Businesses and later, modifying those enterprises by adding new software. In this space, there are 1  Security Services Businesses for sale at BusinessEx as on Aug 14, 2020. The registered businesses are operated in distinct parts of the country. You can find these businesses at BusinessEx, ranging from 0 to 100 Crores. From the vast list, you can choose businesses of your choice, reflecting on your budget and needs.

How to Sell Security Services Business?

To sell your Security Services Business; first of all, create your business profile on BusinessEx. The platform offers a wide range of existing businesses for sale, wherein you can register the business and henceforth, attract prospective buyers for your business. After completing the profile, then select the payment plan depending on the services you want. Once the profile completes, the buyer will approach you. Interested buyers will connect with you via the portal

Why Security Services Business?

The Indian security services industry is broadly divided into three main businesses i.e, manned guarding, cash services and electronic security services. According to Grant Thornton India’s report, “ Increase in cash services has also led to direct need for private security services in the country. The increase in the number of ATMs across the nation has led to a direct increase in demand for private security services. The number of ATMs in India has increased from 95,686 in the year 2012 to 158,891 in the year 2014. Along with the increase in ATMs, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of debit and credit card transactions which has forced the banks to increase their security services. The number of ATM transactions in 2012 were 47.12 crores, which increased to 57.18 crores in 2014.” 

This, in turn, increased the number of entrepreneurs that have entered the security services business domain.

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