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Quick Service Restaurants Businesses For Sale in India

Planning to buy a quick service restaurant? BusinessEx platform is offering 20 quick service restaurant businesses For Sale as on Aug 08, 2022. The businesses are registered from different cities across India. The platform provides you with an opportunity to find the business opportunity in your location and in your price range. The businesses For Sale are available from 22 Lakhs to 4 Crores.

How to sell quick service restaurant business?

Want to sell your business? Why not BusinessEx? This platform is a one-stop solution to meet prospective buyers from all over India. To sell your business here, you have to create a Business Profile on BusinessEx. The profile will display relevant information about your business like location, industry, selling price, etc. to attract the buyers. The confidential information will not be disclosed so no need to worry. But to get your profile live on the platform, you have to select the suitable payment plan which differs according to the duration and services offered. The buyers will contact you for negotiation through our platform if their requirements meet yours. If you have queries then refer FAQs or connect with us directly. 

Why quick service restaurant business?

 The quick-service restaurants are a trending business opportunity which is in high demand especially in urban areas. In this fast-moving economy, everyone is in hurry and no one likes to wait for their orders so these businesses are the solution to this problem. There are some big brands that are doing well in this market. As per the projections by Technopak, the quick service restaurant market is expected to reach Rs.16,785 crore by the end of FY18 with the growth rate of 25 percent. The increasing number of players in this industry has widened up the scope of this market. This business opportunity is a potential investment as the growth rate is high and expansion is possible via franchising.

Quick service restaurant businesses For Sale are offered on BusinessEx so interested buyers can seek the suitable business opportunity here. The platform also presents business opportunities for investors, mentors, incubators, lenders, and brokers. If you are interested then register now to know more. For more information, contact us.


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