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Engineering, procurement & construction Businesses For Sale in India

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Business is one of the core services in the construction industry. The business owners act as an EPC contractor and thus, purvey the service to the users. In this business model, the contractor works for certain industries where he performs all the activities, from designing to procuring to commissioning. This kind of contracting agreement is unique and thus, there is a demand for the EPC constrictors in the industry. Considering the dearth of the EPC contractors, aspiring entrepreneurs should take up this niche and purchase existing Engineering, Procurement and Construction Business. In this space, there are 11 Engineering, Procurement and Construction Businesses for sale at BusinessEx as on Aug 08, 2022. The registered businesses are operated in distinct parts of the country. You can find these businesses at BusinessEx, ranging from 10 Lakhs to 10 Crores. From the vast list, you can choose businesses of your choice, reflecting on your budget and need.

How To Sell Engineering, Procurement & Construction Business?

To sell your Engineering, Procurement & Construction Business, first of all, create your business profile on BusinessEx. The platform offers a wide range of existing businesses for sale, wherein you can register the business and henceforth, attract prospective buyers for your business. After completing the profile, then select the payment plan depending on the services you want. Once the profile completes, the buyer will approach you. Interested buyers will connect with you via the portal.

Why Engineering, Procurement & Construction Business?

Owing to the demand of the EPC contractors, aspiring entrepreneurs should seek interest in the industry. Pursuing an enterprise in the field increments the chances of prosperity for the entrepreneurs. According to EY reports, “In India, the construction industry has evolved from item rate packages to lump-sum contracts and then to EPC contracts over the years. It has resulted in a visible shift from owner-managed projects to projects where the risk of time and cost overruns has been transferred to the contractor, along with the responsibility of designing, procurement of material and construction. This form of contract even protects the owner/developer from currency and interest rate fluctuations. Initially, there were only a few contractors in India who had the required technological and financial capabilities to take over all responsibilities of the complete project; therefore, large projects were divided into small EPC packages. Gradually, EPC contractors developed technical expertise and became financially competent. As a result, the project owners began to award them complete projects as a single lump sum turnkey contract.” So, aspiring entrepreneurs should procure the business and attain success.

At BusinessEx, you will find an array of services and buyers. So, it is your chance to widen your network and get connected with potential buyers via BusinessEx. Other than buyers, the portal also facilitates seekers in finding investment, mentorship, brokerage, incubation and lending service for their business.  To know more, refer to the FAQ section.




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