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Energy & Environment Businesses For Sale in India

As there is an increase witnessed in the energy business and technology being used in the sector, BusinessEx offers 17 Energy & environment businesses For Sale as on Mar 31, 2023. The listed businesses are looking for buyers from all over India. We offer these business opportunities in the in the price as low as 7 Lakhs and as high as 25 Crores.

How to sell your energy & environment businesses

The businesses are registered in the diversified segments of energy & environment industry. These segments are

  • Solar equipment
  • Water treatment plant & equipment
  • Renewable energy-related products.

If you wish to sell your business at BusinessEx then we recommend you should create your own Business Profile on BusinessEx Business profile. Energy and environment is a whopping industry which is increasing with the reduction in natural resources. India’s renewable energy sector is considered as the second most attractive renewable energy market in the world as per the EY-Renewable Energy Attractiveness Index 2017.

Why Energy & environment business?

To open a business in this industry is a good idea as you can get the benefits from Government of India as well. Private Equity investments in India’s wind and solar power also boost up by 47 percent in 2017, as per IBEF report. The government also brings new initiatives in this industry to empower entrepreneurs to invest in this space and start businesses in this industry. This industry offers various segments for you to consider while investing in a business. In India, solar energy equipments are now used in homes, offices and at public places as well. The consumers are now shifting their mindset towards saving the energy and protecting the environment which will enhance the sales of energy equipments in India.

This is a wide sector in which technology plays a crucial part and more startups are initiating now. It is high time to start a business in this industry for a social cause as well as to gain high profits. If you are interested in investing, buying, mentoring, incubating, lending and providing brokerage services to businesses catering in this industry then you should register on BusinessEx. We provide varied energy & environment businesses For Sale on our platform. If you have any query, please feel free to connect with us.


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