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Coaching & training institutes Businesses For Sale in India

BusinessEx is a marketplace for all businesses which offers 20 coaching & training institutes For Sale as on Dec 02, 2023. The opportunities are available from all over India. The businesses are looking for the interested buyers and their asking price varies as per the scale of operations. Businesses are listed here in the price as low as 10 Lakhs and as high as 5 Crores.

How to Sell Coaching & Training Institute Business?

In India, many businesses are looking for buyers but how will they approach them that depends on the source. If you want to put your Coaching Center for Sale then the best source is BusinessEx as you can list the business and interested buyers will connect with you directly. To list business here you will have to create your Business Profile on BusinessEx Business profile. After creating the profile you will have to select the payment plan after which you can use our services. The services differ as per payment plan, so select carefully. The buyers will be able to check your profile and if that seems interesting to them then they will connect with you through our platform. If you have any problem then please connect with us, we will be happy to help you.

Why Coaching & Training Institute Business?

Coaching & training businesses are gaining a lot of attention of young minds. In this competitive era, the chances of getting a good college is a dream for students because of the limited number of seats, but this is the biggest factor to boost the demand for coaching and training institutes. An ASSOCHAM research survey states that over 87 per cent of the primary school children and more than 95 per cent students in high schools take coaching and training.

Due to the rising demand for coaching centres, aspiring entrepreneurs can look for top coaching training insitutes for sale. At BusinessEx, there are several training instiutes for sale, one can find the right bet after considering one's budget.

In this booming market, starting your own business is a great idea as you can also grow at a much faster rate. The coaching and training insitute businesses for sale listed on BusinessEx are also searching for investors, mentors, incubators, lenders and brokers. If you are one of them then you can also register on BusinessEx and find the right business.


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