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Book, magazine & newspaper publishing Businesses For Sale in India

As of Dec 06, 2023, BusinessEx is offering 3 Book, magazine and newspaper publishing businesses For Sale in India. The listed businesses are available For Sale from all over India. You can also list your business here to find the right buyer from any location in India. The price band in which the businesses are offered is as low as 8 Crores and as high as 25 Crores. You can set the price bar as per your budget.

How to sell book, magazine & newspaper publishing business?

Selling a business in India isn’t an easy task but now the solution is here i.e. BuisnessEx. This platform is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect with each other. To put your newspaper publishing businesses For Sale in India, create a Business Profile on BusinessEx. Once the profile is created then you will need to select the payment plan which differs as per the time period and services offered by this platform. The buyers will be able to check your profile and if their requirements meet with yours then they will connect with you directly through our platform. You can conclude the deal for your business. For any query, feel free to connect with us.

Why Book, Magazine & Newspaper Publishing Business?

Book, magazine & newspaper publishing is the business opportunity which will always stay trendy and in demand. These books, magazines, and newspapers provide the information which interests the consumers. The businesses running in this market are doing great and taking advantage of high demand. Besides the generic information, publishing companies can also take orders from influential and creative people who want to publish their books. There are a lot of source of income which you will get to know about once you plan to venture into this market. You can take Magazine company For Sale or Highly Profitable Internet Book Store For Sale. 

Book publishing businesses For Sale are available on BusinessEx. The listed businesses are also seeking for investment, mentorship, incubation brokerage and lending services. If you are interested in catering any of the services to the available businesses then register now. For more information, connect with us.


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