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Beauty Equipment Business for sale

Beauty Equipment businesses are available For Sale in India on BusinessEx. There are over 2 businesses listed in the beauty equipment industry from across India.


The listed Beauty Equipment businesses For Sale in the price band, which is minimum 6 Lakhs and maximum 5 Crores.


Industry Insight

The beauty equipment industry is a subsector of the wide beauty industry. Entrepreneurs can find an array of beauty equipment shops for sale to enter the industry. Here are some of the opportunities in the sector:


  • Hair Equipment Business

  • Hair Care Products Business

  • Skin Care Equipment Business 

  • Beauty Parlour Products Business 

  • Nail Products Business 


Why Should You Invest in Beauty Equipment?


You can also register your Beauty Equipment business For Sale by creating a Business Profile on BusinessEx Business profile on the BusinessEx platform. According to a report by FICCI, the salon industry in India was estimated to be around$3.83 billion in 2017—18, growing at a CAGR of 27 per cent—30 per cent in the past two years. It is roughly 30 per cent of the overall wellness and beauty market. There are 6-7 million salons in India, with women contributing more than 85 per cent to the total industry revenues. With the growing size of the beauty industry, it is apparent that the industry will continue to flourish shortly. Entrepreneurs can consider this and either establish their beauty equipment business or purchase beauty equipment manufacturing for sale


At BusinessEx, you can find verified Beauty Equipment business for sale. Apart from this, one can also look for investors, mentors, lenders, brokers and incubators at the platform. You can register yourself on the BusinessEx platform as a startup, business, investor, mentor, incubator, lender and broker if you are interested in using our services. This platform is not limited to these services as we provide much more than that which you will get to know once you register here.


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