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Automobile Showrooms Businesses For Sale in India

BusinessEx offers 1 automobile showroom business For Sale as on Oct 20, 2020.  These business opportunities are registered from all over India. The selling price varies with the scale of operations. Businesses are listed here in the price as low as 8 Crores and as high as 8 Crores. You can set a price bar accordingly.

How to sell automobile showroom business?

We provide you with an opportunity to sell your business on our platform. Your business will be listed here for prospective buyers to connect with you. But to list your business on BusinessEx you will have to create a Business Profile on BusinessEx Business profile in which you need to fill the necessary information. We maintain full secrecy of your confidential information so that when a buyer approaches then you can disclose the relevant information. Your business will be listed on our platform once you select the payment plan. Interested buyers will connect with you through BusinessEx.

Why automobile showroom business?

Automobile showroom business For Sale is not easy to find in India. There are over 1800 showrooms of Maruti, more than 512 showrooms of Hyundai, etc across India. Automobile showroom is the most common place where a buyer goes to buy a new car as they get the display, test drive and services there. Besides the competition in this market, big companies are still opening more showrooms because the demand for the automobile is much more than before.  India is the largest manufacturer of three-wheelers and fourth largest in the commercial vehicle, so the distribution network needs to be strong as well. The automobile showroom business is the most common way to sell an automobile in India.

If you are planning to start a business in this market then buying an established automobile business will be better. It is difficult to find a location for automobile showroom in urban cities so you can buy a running business. If you plan to invest, lend, brokerage, incubate, mentor, or buy a business then you will have to register on BusinessEX. There are myriad automobile businesses For Sale which are available in India. Register now to use our services.

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8 Crores
Asking Price
Industry: Automobile
Hyderabad, Telangana
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