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Industrial machinery & Manufacturing Businesses For Sale in India

Industrial machinery & manufacturing businesses For Sale in India are listed on BusinessEx platform. There are about 105 industrial machinery & manufacturing businesses For Sale are available as on Dec 06, 2023. The registered businesses on our platform are from all over India and the price range which is as low as 50 and as high as 18 Crores.

Industrial insight

Listed businesses are differentiated as per the diversified sectors of the industry. The sectors available in this industry are:

  • Iron & steel
  • Heavy machinery
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Machine tools

You can also sell your business at BusinessEx after creating a Business Profile on BusinessEx Business profile in BusinessEx. Industries in the Machinery Manufacturing subsector create end products that produce mechanical energy, for instance, the use of gears and levers, to execute work. The manufacture of machinery is done through the use of methodologies namely:

  • Forging
  • Stamping
  • Bending
  • Forming
  • Machining

All these help in shaping different portions of metal. Other procedures, such as welding and assembling enable the connection of distinct parts. While these processes are comparable to the ones used in metal fabricating institutions. The difference arises in the case of machinery manufacturing which is different as it characteristically uses multiple metal developing processes in the production of various parts. Furthermore, complicated assembly operations are an intrinsic fragment of the manufacturing process.

Machinery manufacturing is a requirement of many industries including, agriculture, mining, engines, heating and air conditioning, commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing and commercial and service industry related manufacturing. All this together makes this a huge industry to invest into. Planning to invest in an industrial machinery & manufacturing business is a good idea as you have the liberty of creating products and setting the price accordingly. You have the opportunity to tie up with small businesses as well as big companies to produce goods which solely depends on the scale of your operations.

Industrial machinery & manufacturing businesses For Sale are looking for prospective buyers on BusinessEx. If you are investor, mentor, broker, incubator, or lender then you have come to the right place as you will find various business opportunities here. You need to register on BusinessEx to find the right business opportunity.


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