Well Established boutique and matching centre in Hyderabad for sale!!!!!

Our well-established boutique is strategically located in a bustling area, ensuring consistent growth and profitability. With state-of-the-art machinery and a dedicated team of experienced workers, the boutique delivers exquisite designs and services rela

Business Name (Available after interaction) | Hyderabad Telangana India |Profile Listed By: Owner
  • Asking Price 1.5 Crores
  • |
  • Annual Sales/Turnover 90.0 Lakh
  • |
  • Gross Income 18.0 Lakh

The boutique is a well-established business with several key features that contribute to its success. It is strategically located in a bustling area with heavy footfall and excellent visibility, ensuring consistent growth and profitability. The boutique is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, including twelve Jack machines and two Kaj button machines, enabling the creation of exquisite designs and exceptional finishes. The infrastructure and facilities provide a comfortable working environment with air conditioning, uninterrupted power supply, and enhanced security measures. The boutique has a dedicated team of twelve experienced workers who pay great attention to detail, resulting in a loyal customer base and numerous referrals. Additionally, the boutique has tapped into an additional revenue stream by offering uniform services to businesses and institutions which has a huge demand too. With approximately two to three hundred loyal patrons, the boutique enjoys a strong customer base that ensures consistent sales and growth potential. Its established brand reputation is built on top-notch craftsmanship, personalized service, and attention to detail.

  • Services offered: stitching, maggam, matchings, and uniforms. 
  • Machinery & facilities: Twelve jack machine
  • Kaj button machine 2
  • One over lock
  • Two picco machines
  • One embroidery machine
  • One t shirt machine
  • Two 2 ton ac
  • With two inverters
  • Cc tv with uv tv
  • 10-12 employees
Director/CEO Information
Available after Interaction
Management Information
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Business Documents
Available after Interaction
Establishment Year2015
Entity TypeProprietorship
Business SectorRetail - Clothing stores
Business TypeB2C
Available after interaction
Social Media Links Available after Interaction
Annual Sales 90.0 Lakh
EBITDA MarginUndisclosed
Inventory Value ₹4,500,000.00
Rentals ₹75,000.00
Gross Income 18.0 Lakh
Business Requirement
One-line Business Pitch "Lucrative Opportunity: Well-Established Boutique and Matching Centre with Impressive Assets for Sale in Hyderabad, India!
Looking For Sale
Amount 15000000
Reason Retirement

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