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Our company make recycle plastic scrap (Mainly used plastic films) to produce granules which we sell further to Injection molding industries.

Business Name (Available after interaction) | Bangalore Karnataka India |Profile Listed By: Owner
  • Asking Price 10 Lakhs
  • |
  • Annual Sales/Turnover 4.0 Crore
  • |
  • Gross Income 1.5 Crore

We are currently running a plastic recycling factory in Bangalore where we recycle plastic scrap Mainly used plastic films to produce granules which we sell further to Injection moulding industries where they use granules as raw material to mould plastic items like furniture etc. Virgin Granules Plastic Films Post Consumer Used films Recycled Granules Plastic items. Virgin Granules produced from Crude oil. It is the purest plastic raw material with high strength. Recycled Granules produced from used plastic films or used plastic items which are impure with less strength Plastic items are not entirely made of Virgin Granules but are mixed with recycled granules to save cost Plastic films are made using only new Virgin Granules. 

  • Manufacturing of plastic products
  • Best range of plastic
  • Patel & esquire with effective 
  • Timely delivery
Director/CEO Information
Available after Interaction
Management Information
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Business Documents
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Establishment Year2000
Entity TypeProprietorship
Business SectorEnergy & Environment - Waste management
Business TypeB2B
Available after interaction
Social Media Links Available after Interaction
Annual Sales 4.0 Crore
EBITDA Margin35.00%
Inventory Value ₹2,500,000.00
Rentals ₹0.00
Gross Income 1.5 Crore
Business Requirement
One-line Business Pitch Changing the way India Recycles Plastic for both profit(by attaining Monopoly) and doing good for environment.
Looking For Sale
Amount 1000000
Reason Focusing into another startup

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