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360 degree solution for quick billing, inventory management system & reports.

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The journey has started in 2015 by a group of like minded professionals who have insightful experience in Technology and Management joined hands together and formed this company.

Our Philosophy and Value System 

  • Fixed Cost & Duration

We estimate upfront and execute the project for a fixed cost within agreed upon timeline. The risk is ours to manage.

  • Quality

We believe that quality is a journey, not a destination. We adhere to world class quality standards to retain the competitive edge in the global marketplace.

  • Confidentiality

We guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security in every project. All clients’ information remains strictly confidential.

  • Clients Feedback

We seek feedback on various criteria such as delivery schedule, product quality, issue resolution, communication, risk management, knowledge and professionalism from our clients as peer reviews for enhancing and strengthening quality initiatives.

  • Performance

You need to measure it to improve it. We are big on performance. Faster and better performing products is a big competitive advantage. Consistent performance management processes is our core focus to improve the standards across all areas.

  • Continous Improvements

We keep ourselves abreast of the latest technological advancements with periodic trainings. We impart the current software engineering practices, QA standards and other best practices with regular trainings.

  • Innovation

We foster a culture of innovation and strive to push boundaries to explore new technologies and this spirit of innovation that drives our strength. We believe that Novel ideas stimulate the new Products and aim to leverage the technological know-how to the benefit of our clients

  • Convergence

We believe in offering customized solutions that best cater to the needs of our clients. Understanding customer’s enterprise and its direction, the complexities of the business, processes and priorities will help us achieve our goal of offering tailor-made solutions in the best interest of our clients.


Our company is focused to enable Manufacturing Industries for fourth Revolution through Technology.

The ERP is a tailer made cost effective solution with advanced technology to help the Manufacturing industry to overcome challenges like purchase & inventory management, Labor Management, Statutory monitoring and Cut throat Analytics to help management to take timely decisions the end to end process as and when required.
We have set a goal to reach out different manufacturing verticals.

The Modules Include :

  •  Pricing Engine
    Quotation Calculator
  •  Administration Process
    Calculator Settings
  •  IMS & Finance (Purchase) - GST
    Goods & Service Management System
  •  Vendor management
    Supplier to Inventory Mapping
  •  Quotation & Order Management
    Order conversion and tracking
  •  Production & Wastage Management
    Manufacturing flow monitoring
  •  Quality Controls & Checks
    Quality audit & Rejections
  •  Accounts & Finance (Sales) - GST
    Sales Accounting
  •  Dispatch Management
    Indigenous, Export & Import
  •  Admin Controls
    User Roles and Control Setting
  •  Analytics, Report & Dashboards
    Loopholes & Prediction analyzer
  •  HR
    Attendance & Payroll


2. TheOnionTray

The Next Generation  360 Degree Software Solution For Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Bakeries.

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One-line Business Pitch 360 degree solution for quick billing, inventory management system & reports.
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