Popular Fitness Center which is one of the leaders in the Fitness Industry,

Have more than 1000 Active Clients with continuing renewals every month. The gym has been running successfully from the past one year

Business Name (Available after interaction) | Chennai Tamil Nadu India |Profile Listed By: Owner
  • Asking Price 2 Crores
  • |
  • Annual Sales/Turnover 20.0 Lakh
  • |
  • Gross Income N/A
Membership for GYM, Aerobics, TRIM Package, Wt Loss, Dance School, Zmba Classes, Yoga, Phsio Assements, Diet Consutings etc packages run from 3000 K to 14000 per membership
Director/CEO Information
Available after Interaction
Management Information
Available after Interaction
Business Documents
Available after Interaction
Establishment Year2014
Entity Type
Business SectorBusiness services - Consulting
Business Type
Available after interaction
Social Media Links Available after Interaction
Annual Sales 100000000
EBITDA 9,000,000.00
EBITDA Margin21,122.00%
Inventory Value 300,000.00
Rentals 40,000.00
Gross Income 100000000
Business Requirement
One-line Business Pitch N/A
Looking For Sale
Amount 20000000
Reason personal

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