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We support clients as they develop a clear innovation strategy that meets their business-growth targets and strategic objectives.

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  • Seeking Investment 5 Crores
  • |
  • Annual Sales/Turnover 2.5 Crore
  • |
  • Gross Income 75.0 Lakh

We support clients as they develop a clear innovation strategy that meets their business-growth targets and strategic objectives.

We do this by helping clients understand the gap between actual and aspirational performance that innovation needs to fill, then set financial targets related to innovation, the metrics required to measure performance, and the strategic areas on which to focus investments.

We define innovation as creativity plus delivery, helping our clients transform their innovation performance by focusing on four requirements for innovating at scale: strategy, pipeline of ideas, execution, and organization.

Growth is vital for funding new investments, attracting great talent, and acquiring assets.

It is also a critical driver of overall company performance We help companies to build their businesses by identifying granular growth opportunities and to improve their performance through innovation in products, services, processes, and business models.

We help clients improve performance by designing portfolios—supported by resource reallocation, integrated business-unit strategies, and planning processes—that position them for success.

We support clients to improve performance across their existing portfolio and pinpoint opportunities for growth in new business areas. We also help identify areas where they might need to cut back or divest.

Our breadth of expertise, proprietary tools, and experience make us uniquely suited to advise clients on which fine-grained combination of business segments and markets will create the most value.

We've found that highly successful companies are consistent and dynamic resource reallocators. These companies continually grow by investing in existing businesses, developing or acquiring new businesses, and exiting unprofitable ones. They are more resilient in the face of increasing change, more likely to stay independent, and create more value, particularly in turbulent economic times. Yet most companies are slow to move resources between businesses.

Every year they stick to the same processes for strategy development, capital planning, talent management, and budgeting, and every year the outcome is only marginally different from that of the year before, and the year before that. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, they do the same thing over and over again but expect different results. We help clients design more effective strategic-planning and budgeting processes so that they can overcome the inertia that stalls growth and prevents active reallocation of resources. We have developed proven tools and techniques to help executives shake up the status quo and overcome the processes and behavioral barriers that stand in the way of dynamic portfolio renewal.

  • Business-growth targets and strategic objectives.
  • Designing portfolios
  • Strategy development
  • Capital planning
Director/CEO Information
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Management Information
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Business Documents
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Establishment Year2009
Entity TypeProprietorship
Business SectorBusiness services - Consulting
Business TypeB2B
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Annual Sales 2.5 Crore
EBITDA MarginUndisclosed
Inventory Value ₹8,000,000.00
Rentals Undisclosed
Gross Income 75.0 Lakh
Business Requirement
One-line Business Pitch We Provide Guaranteed Business Income Source With 100% Assurance And Specialize In Ventures & Corporate Finance
Looking For Investment
Amount 20000000 at 25-35 % stake

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