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Wide range of world class products catering to the domestic and international market, enabling you to showcase your vibrant side of your personalities on a day-to- day basis and transforming yourself from head to toe with this new era of grooming products

Business Name (Available after interaction) | Noida Uttar Pradesh India |Profile Listed By: Owner
  • Asking Price 5 Crores
  • |
  • Annual Sales/Turnover 4.0 Crore
  • |
  • Gross Income 2.0 Crore

As a company, our vision is to become a globally recognized brand for personal grooming accessories and appliances and to surpass the end user’s expectations by providing products of utmost quality at the right prices. We are looking to position ourselves as the leading choice for personal and professional users in the personal grooming segment and to break into new markets within India as we establish ourselves. We have created these products keeping in mind the needs of different gender and with valuable feedback that we have constantly received. At the same time, we encourage more feedback from our employees and end users to help us improve constantly.


Our brand and company, stand for and look to showcase via our line of products. Our wide range of products includes hair brushes of various kinds such as Paddle hair brush, Cushion hair brush and Detangle brush. We also offer handmade combs, which include black handmade combs and wooden handmade combs. We also offer a variety of make-up brushes, face care accessories, manicure and pedicure tools, bath accessories and grooming scissors. In the coming future, we will be launching personal grooming appliances to give our users the best grooming experience. With the innovative range of products, we aim to reinvent the way grooming accessories are perceived and we look to provide end-to- end grooming solutions to the urban men and women on a daily basis.

Director/CEO Information
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Management Information
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Business Documents
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Establishment Year2018
Entity TypeProprietorship
Business SectorBeauty, health & wellness - Perfume & Cosmetics
Business TypeB2C
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Annual Sales 4.0 Crore
EBITDA Margin200,000.00%
Inventory Value ₹30,000,000.00
Rentals ₹140,000.00
Gross Income 2.0 Crore
Business Requirement
One-line Business Pitch Head to toe grooming products company
Looking For Sale
Amount 50000000
Reason Shifting to another Business
Looking For Investment
Amount 30000000 at 40-50 % stake
Reason For the expansion of Business

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