Women Heading C-Suite Roles in Economic Research Sector

Transitional time has come as eminent leadership roles are taken by women
  • BY Jaspreet Kaur

    Feature Writer, BusinessEx

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  • Oct 10,2018
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Economic research, which is deemed the most crucial division in the global market, is now spearheaded by women. After three waves of feminism, it’s the fourth wave that is speaking of women power and transiting the world altogether.

Recently, news of appointing Indian-American economist Gita Gopinath brought hope to the women who seek a career in the economic research sector. Gita Gopinath and other female professionals, who are placed as Chief Economists in the reputed institutions, are role models for other female aspirants. The other women professionals who are designated as Chief Economist in different institutes involving economic research are:    

  1.    Laurence Boone- Chief Economist advisor at OECD
  2.    Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg- Chief Economist at World Bank
  3.    Clare Lombardelli- Chief Economic Adviser to UK Treasury


These women economists are considered the best in their field and are highly experienced, as well as carry vast academic qualifications, in economics. Furthermore, with the appointments of these professionals on the C-suite level, the gender ratio on the senior organizational positions has a bit lopsided on the female's side.

Earlier on, women were considered inappropriate for high-level positions in the organizations because they were believed to be inefficient for holding supreme power. However, the present era has debunked the myth and has proven that women in all business, as well as non-business sectors, can perform incredibly well like their male counterparts.  Besides this, their appointment has falsified the notion of trapping women with four walls.


A few major uplifts that would be experienced following the administering of organizations by women professionals:

  1.    Heterogeneity at the top level positions

Earlier, organizations were male-driven and thus, all major decisions were taken by them. As a result, women did not have a say in the patriarchy and hence, they were not offered senior posts. However, with the shifting trend, women are now considered better professionals than males. In addition, their personalities have a salience which, in turn, gives them more recognition amidst other employees.

  1.    Better Working Environment

With women leading top companies, it would be safe as well as prospering for other young women to join the arena. As company norms, regulations and policies will be decided concerning both sexes. Thus, the working environment will neither be too harsh nor too lenient for employees.

  1.    Balanced Decision-making

Earlier on, men used to be decision makers of important policies which were directly impactful on social, cultural and political niches. Though, by the participation of women, the policy decisions would not be solely taken by the male-dominated community. Now, women will likely to have equal participation in the decision-making process and, in turn, will give balanced decisions.

Since intellectual female economists are designated to be top posts so women will easily equalize men in economic matters. In addition, lesser conflicting opinions would be there between both the sexes at the C-level.

The benefits gained by placement of female economists at the top level are manifold. It is hoped that economy prosper and market strengthens under the hands of these intellectuals.        


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