Why Your Need to Invest in Small Indian Cities

Besides being enriched in food and aesthetic beauty, Nagpur has several factors that attract investments in Nagpur
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  • Dec 29,2020
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Infusions play a crucial role in expediting a business ecosystem. It helps regional business prosper, adapt technology and invest in promotions. Industrialists and big companies are now not only targeting metropolitan and tier-I cities but tier-2 and tier-3 cities as well. So, economic augmentation is not taking place through major cities but upholding small cities as well. 

While imbibing this concept, you have to focus on small cities that hold immense potential and can be converted into an investment hub. One such city is Nagpur, which is famously known as the orange city in Maharashtra. Besides being enriched in food and aesthetic beauty, it has several factors that attract investments in Nagpur. 

If you seek to know how your Nagpur investments will be fruitful, then here are several reasons.

Manufacturing Industry 

Nagpur is one of the thriving cities in Maharashtra. It has been growing rapidly and has over 20,000 registered MSMEs working there presently. Various giant companies such as Bajaj, Hyundai, Dinshaws and M&M etc have their manufacturing units established there. 

Urbanisation is steadily uplifting the city’s lifestyle and environment, thereby, creating it into an investment hub. Interested investors can employ this opportunity and step into the city’s manufacturing industry. Apart from dealing in big businesses, you can infuse money in SMEs or start a small business in the city. 

Pharmaceutical Industry 

Over the years, the medical niche has been developed and augmented in Nagpur. This improvement has strengthened pharmaceutical companies in the city and across India. Besides this, various medical institutions such as AIIMS Institution and Indira Gandhi Medical College are established here. Thus, there are immense facilities available to perform medical research also. 

Seeing the city's robust medical and pharmaceutical industry, investors can plan to invest in Nagpur. They can initiate their own pharmaceutical business or partner with an existing pharmaceutical business. Their investment in Nagpur will certainly leverage industry as well as multiply their investments by thousands. 

FMCG Industry 

Since the city is famously known for oranges that are being sold here, investors and entrepreneurs can start exporting fruits across the world. For this, they would require a huge set up and estimated sum to kick-start the business. 

Apart from fruits, there are other numerous things that entrepreneurs can deal in. They have to perform a deep-down research and comprehend changes in the FMCG niche. After determining these variables, business minds can explore ways to create viable enterprises around this concept. 

Furniture Industry 

The city has immensely gained fame for its fine quality timber. Owing to which, there are various small and big organisations dealing in Timber-produced goods. If you understand the furniture market or have a knack in designing furniture, then invest in this market.

For that, you have to get a license in the city, following which you get a mill on lease where you can initiate the business. There are various types of businesses that you can establish such as plywood factory, timber furniture business and so on.

Export and Import Business

As the city is located at the centre of India, it is close to ports. This aspect can be advantageous for entrepreneurs who operate in the export and import sector. Entrepreneurs can establish their units in the city and procure a license for exporting goods abroad. They need to meet requirements set by the state government and central government. Following this, they can export goods to their clientele and lead their business easily. 

These business opportunities are important. You can make use of them and step your foot into various industries in Nagpur. Your investment in Nagpur would not be a waste if you know understand its business landscape really well. 



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