Why Should Constructors Give Up Traditional Construction Materials?

With the advancing time, new construction materials have emerged in the market and correspondingly, rendering better results than the former construction materials
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Since the primitive age, the mode of construction has swiftly evolved. The establishment of Stone homes to Kucha houses and then, Pucca houses—the transition is steady and simultaneously adopts new trends in its practice. In the present scenario, the environment is inflicting with deadly issues namely, global warming and resources depletion. To counter the environmental issues, it is imperative to consider environment-friendly modes of construction.

By employing eco-friendly construction materials, the constructors can begin contributing positive effects in the society. Earlier on, cement, clay, mud, concrete, steel, wood, glass and cement were a few construction materials, which were greatly utilized in the construction industry. With the advancing time, new construction materials have emerged in the market and correspondingly, rendering better results than the former construction materials. Statista’s survey tells, “The construction materials industry consists of a wide range of companies involved in the mining, quarrying, and processing of raw materials used for both heavy and building construction. The construction market is expected to reach over 1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 worldwide. The growth in Asia’s market is expected to be one of the most significant in the world.”

New Construction Materials That Need To Be Employed  

Like other industries, the construction industry keeps evolving and embracing new developments in the sector. Till now, a plethora of construction materials has been ascertained in the construction industry, which is altogether altering the architectural designs and escalating the industry.      

If the constructors don’t know about these environment-friendly construction materials, then here is a list of construction materials which are alternative to harmful the construction materials.    

  1.    Graphene

The construction material is composed of one layer of the carbon atom. It is a very thin, strengthened and transparent material. Besides this, it has various other amazing properties such as an electrical conductor, which truly make it call a “miracle material”.

Primarily, the material is used in various items such as aerospace materials, solar cells, and desalination technology. The constructors can utilize the material in the process and prevent usage of other traditional construction materials.


  1.    Aerographite     

The material is composed by rigorously bending hollow carbon tubes. Its form remains unchanged at the room temperature, conducts electricity and easily endures vibrations. Further, it has an exclusive property that it can be compressed to the smallest size possible, when required and can be easily removed from an area and later, stick on the same area without getting damaged.

Owing to these useful attributes, the construction material can be employed to construct batteries, aviation materials, purification systems and satellites.             

  1.    Translucent Wood

The material is newly created by a research school. The appearance of the wood is entirely distinct from the traditional wood style as the new style has no wood lining and undergone a specialized tailoring process to remove the wood lining.

Further, the wood is new, cheap invention and thus, easily accessible to the constructors. Due to its positive impacts, the material has deemed a renewable resource and can be employed to make windows, solar panels and other types of equipment.

  1.    Balsa Wood

Unlike other construction material, Balsa wood is highly useful as well as expensive construction material. The material is thin yet unbreakable and has lightweight.  Owing to the price factor, the wood is lesser used in the construction material and thus, an alternative is sought by the constructors.

The alternative of the Balsa wood would be cheaper and also, as environment-friendly as well the former material is.    

Employ the above-mentioned construction material in the construction industry to create positive effects.  


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