Why Is Workplace Gym A Must-Have In The Companies?

Having a workplace gym, which is equipped with the latest gym equipment, diminishes the health risks in the employees
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Well-being is the core strand that keeps employees as well as the company going. Therefore, health and wellness should be prioritized by the company if they envision to create strong ties with the workforce. In the corporate ecosystem, stress and poor lifestyle lead to increase disease risk in the workforce. With the passing time, the propensity of infliction from harmful diseases increases and in turn, employees suffer from respiratory ailments and obesity.  

For smooth company operation, the workforce is imperative and correspondingly, the needs of the employees should be looked after. So, setting up a workplace gym would facilitate in reducing stress level and control obesity. Taking a proactive step helps to reduce health risk in employees. “Nearly one-third of organizations increased their overall benefits offerings in the last 12 months, with health (22per cent) and wellness (24per cent) benefits being the most likely ones to experience growth. The top reason for increasing benefits was to remain competitive in the talent marketplace” according to the data of Springbuk, an employer-facing health analytics software.

Springbuk in its report assessed wellness and health-related benefits that are rendered by various companies.

Why Are Providing Workplace Gym And Other Health Benefits Important?

Having a workplace gym, which is equipped with the latest gym equipment, diminishes the health risks in the employees. Employees can take out time from their busy schedules and engage in exercise. Becoming healthy and fit are invariably desires of every individual but hectic work schedules leave the people with no time to focus on the health. As a result, a portion of the population which is actively engaged in the corporate sphere adapts an unhealthy lifestyle, gains weight and becomes prone to diseases at a young age. Thus, companies should be proactive and employ the necessary tools to help employees surpass these heath risks-cum-obstacles in life.

“As HR professionals are well aware, employee benefits play an important role in retaining employees. Although many employees (89per cent) are at least somewhat satisfied with their jobs, 40per cent considered the possibility of seeking employment elsewhere in the next 12 months. The leading reason for employees looking for external positions was higher compensation/pay (56per cent), followed by better overall benefits (29per cent). Other reasons for leaving that could be related to benefits were career advancement opportunities (21per cent) and flexibility to balance work and life issues (18per cent). In terms of motivation to stay with an organization, compensation/pay (44per cent) topped the list, followed by flexibility to balance work and life issues (34per cent) and the overall benefits package (32per cent). Thus, an attractive benefits package that includes professional development support and flexible work options that rival those of an organization’s competitors could help with employee retention and recruitment. In 2017, 16per cent of organizations increased professional and career development benefits, whereas 14per cent increased flexible working benefits” according to Springbuk’s research report.

Besides the statistical evidence, other genuine reasons for initiating workplace gyms are:

  1.    A Decrease In Healthcare Costs   

Exercising purges tension and other health-related risks in human anatomy. Following the exercising, a person feels refreshed, optimistic, and more concentrated on the work. Furthermore, exercising makes the bones stronger and helps to shed extra kilos. If an individual adheres to an amalgamated schedule of proper nutrition and exercising, then his visits to the doctor decrease correspondingly.

Employees, in turn, will reduce availing healthcare services, rendered by the companies. Plus, companies would be saving their healthcare expenses.

  1.    Spur Productivity

Doing exercise not only helps attain a perfect body shape but also augments mental skills such as increased creativity, faster learning, lasting memory, and enhanced concentration. So, the companies should certainly plan to establish workplace gym to increase employees’ performance.

These reasons indeed prove the advantages of a workplace gym. Thus, the companies, including emerging businesses, should consider the idea and set up a gym in their premises.


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