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Why is Ed tech Business the Next Big Thing?

India is a hub for education business but the era of technology and education has just begun. The ed-tech businesses are bringing the new way of learning and this business opportunity is the next big thing in education industry.
BY Aditya Malik
CEO & MD, Talentedge
Dec 05,2017

Traditional education systems are slowly losing its charm and being taken over by online education industry for working professionally as educators embrace what ed-tech start-ups offer convenience, personalization, and flexibility in teaching. Some of these start-ups are offerings test preparation content and K-12 learning courses and there are others who offer skill-based education. The comfort expanded reach and personalisation offered by online sites and is assuming a key part in the reception of online training in India.

Statistics and Investments in Ed tech space

This new concept of online learning is getting popular among professional learners making their presence in the $100 billion Indian education sector,accordingto IBEF.The Google-KPMG report expresses that it is normal that the paid client base will grow 6 times from 1.6 million in 2016 to 9.6 million users in 2021. The report likewise uncovered that 44 per cent of online education is presently originating from the best six metros and there has been a 4 times development in training content utilization on YouTube over the recent one year.

It is fascinating to take note of, that high development in education and the inquiries are currently rolling in from Tier II and III urban areas, for example, Patna, Guwahati, Aligarh, and Kota which focuses on the open doors that are developing infiltration of smartphones and enhancing the quality of Internet have opened. As per the reports, the adaptability with initiation dates and an assortment of concentrate material accessible are the key motivational components prompting on the online education.

The various tools used in Ed tech space

Online stage: The adventures of innovation in the instruction space can generally be felt by the ascent of internet learning entries in India. Applications, portable tablets and various other learning stages are used to provide and accommodate a large number of students. Since the number of students enrolled in the courses is huge they are provided with the customized learning. The adaptability of the courses and their affordability factors makes them a huge for the students looking for a quality education or coaching. With India's expanding understudy populace, innovation empowered training framework is a response to make the set instructions a lot more comprehensive for a better conception. A substantial segment of planned students can't get to instruction because of different components identified with remote area, lacking foundation, deficiency of educators, societal commitments, individual duties and so forth. A web-based learning stage settles the issue, as well as is an awesome approach to interface with different members and the teacher. Here are two bespoke parts of an online stage:

New-age instructional exercise: The educational society of India is brimming with private instructional exercise and training centres. With the inundation of innovation, most entrenched instructional exercises are going advanced, holding hands to be a piece of the ed tech group. The advent of ed tech will benefit the competitors who wanted to split aggressive exams. This will only intensify the competition and provide a better variety to the learners.

Flip Classroom: An innovative model of learning. The flip strategy is known to work wonders to give a boost to understudy's class execution particularly with an overwhelming centralization per class. They get the asset listed on the web, get ready in advance and utilize class time for dialogues and use of the learning. This technique saves time, reduces diversions and increases the engagement of the students. The novel techniques of ed tech are offering wings to the dreamers.

Institutionalized assets: In the Indian instruction showcase, the quality administration is regularly a worry because of a difference between the request and the accessibility of assets. Currently, ed-tech companies have a huge pool of information, creating MOOC modules and restrictive choices for getting to pertinent, important and student-driven apparatuses. The businesses today can guarantee issue of asset crunch while consequently catalyzing the expansion of training of the nation.

How are tech businesses making a difference in education industry?

Like Talentedge, it is bringing the novel concept of interactive and live digital learning process which made it accessible to everyone at any time. I personally believe that even social media is a powerful learning tool if used with the right intention. The company is determined to create professionals craved by the industry. Keeping the same sentiment in the mind certain courses are curated with offline learning opportunities to provide with the practical training required by professionals. The new-age learning made conceivable by the ed tech business, it is being grasped and advanced by private and government institutes to broaden the scope of education past the boundaries.

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