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Why Do Relationships Matter Most in the Construction Industry?

Relationships foster changes and multiple chances of success in the Construction industry
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Nov 01,2018

The construction industry is truly the edifice of all industries in the market. The construction is the chief element which enables an entity to the firm or organization. Furthermore, it helps to develop the existing infrastructure and in turn, increment longevity of the structure. These services engender reliability on the sector and grow an expectation to receive impactful changes performed by the sector. As a result, many investors seek interest in the construction sector. Some of the important benefits that entice the investors are business security, nascent field, money-making factor and lastly, dexterity.

Other than the utility of the sector, the construction industry has setbacks too. The building contractors in India have to face seasonal challenges in the business. These challenges curb the growth of the business and thus, generate less revenue in the due period. Seasonality in business, increased competition and lesser profit margins are a few main challenges in the construction industry.

How to Thrive the Business in the Construction Industry?

Every year, a majority of budding entrepreneurs try their luck in the sector and later, end up closing their business at a huge loss. Stability is the major problem that organizations face in the industry and owing to which, they try every medium to engender roots in the industry.

According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, Cumulative FDI inflows in the Construction Activities sector, which includes infrastructure, reached US$ 12.36 billion between April 2000 December 2017. Cumulative FDI inflows in the Construction Development sector, which includes townships, built-up infrastructure and construction- development projects, reached US$ 24.67 billion between April 2000 December 2017.

The growing number of FDI in the sector gives a glimpse of a bright future in the sector. However, building contractors strive to attain constancy in the business and after multiple failures, decides to put their construction businesses on sale.

Attaining a secure future in the construction industry can be possible only if the building constructors focus on engendering relationships in and around the industry.

Relationships- A Mode to Escalate Chances Of Success

Creating bonds and keeping it fortified are the essential ways to last the fast-changing construction industry. In order to form bonds, entrepreneurs require to engage in networking process on their part.

By creating a wide network, it would be easy to foster budding relationships and nurturing them. A small conversation or greetings is enough to demonstrate ones feelings to others. Such relationships last longer and later, facilitate both the sides.

Mutual efforts and interest are needed to create a relationship. Further, reaping fruits of the relationship are obtained later when one gets an opportunity through networking other than ones capability.

Nurturing Four Important Relationships

Alongside networking, an entrepreneur should create and nurture four important relationships in his realm. These relationships are:

  1. Relationship with General Contractor
  2. Relationship with Sub Contractors
  3. Relationships with Vendors (building material supplier, manufacturer and distributor)
  4. Relationship with Employees

Work on these relationships and create a spectrum of networks in the construction industry.

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