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Why Do Laundry Services Need To Put Extra Efforts To Preserve Dresses?

In order to serve better facilities, the laundry services business should revere customers and their sentiments.
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Dec 18,2018

By the emergence of discreet and delicate fabrics, the clothing industry purveys dresses in distinct patterns and colours. Preserving these dresses becomes a daunting task for women and subsequently, women look for laundry services to do their jobs. In the closet, a few dresses always remain close to one's heart as the dresses become an embodiment of the cherished memories. So, the dresses should be treated with special care and embroidered pattern should not be damaged.

By dry-cleaning the dresses, the clothes can be worn multiple times in the future until they get worn-out. In the same hopes, customers give their clothes to the laundromats and expect that the laundromats meet the quality standards to preserve the cloth. However, there are some laundromats that dont comply with industry standards and use poor-quality detergents plus other solvents. Consequently, the clothes lose lustre and become damaged after getting exposed to poor cleaning solvents.

In order to serve better facilities, the laundry services business should revere customers and their sentiments. Customers chiefly give clothes for dry-cleaning, trying to render special care to the clothes but if the laundromats spoil the cloth, loosen the fabric, or do something worse then there is nothing worthy to continue taking the laundry services.

Thus, laundromats should imbibe business ethics to successfully run the business. The business ethics are certainly required to operate any business, regardless of the nature of the business. Before grasping business ethics, it is important to recognize what they are.

  1. Understanding The Delicacy Of The Product

For marketing a business, it is imperative to purvey good quality services and products to the consumers. Implying the same principle into laundry services business, laundromats offer quality services to the customers so as to convert first-time customers to regular clientele. Creating a good impact on the customers facilitates in ramping the mutually created bond.

Firstly, the laundromats need to ascertain if the clothes of the customers are delicate. Do the customers require special solvents for cleaning? Are there special instructions regarding the dry-cleaning of the clothes?

Offering special attention to the clothes, in turn, gives special care and averts any unforeseen damage. Many fabrics seem clean even after the multiple wears, which begets misperception in laundromats that the particular cloth would not require strong detergents and solvents. To resolve this ambiguity, the laundromats should possess knowledge about different fabrics and accordingly, learn ways to remove impurities from it.

  1. Becoming Proficient In The Business

Proficiency is greatly revered in the business ecosystem. Even, customers prefer the services of those business units, who possess expertise in the arena. Thus, new laundromats should gain expertise in the sector by apprenticing and then, initiating a laundry services business.

To successfully run the business, laundromats should procure all cleaning solvents, as well as detergents, for the dry-cleaning. Further, the laundromats should learn specific cleaning techniques to effectively clean heavy embroidered, silk and chiffon dresses. Many traditional dresses come in varied designs namely, zari work, thread work, sequined work and other decorative motifs. All these designed clothes require special attention and further, need to be cleaned through specific techniques.

  1. Rendering Customized Services To Selective Customers, When Needed

Creating a good impact on the customers is imperative and for that, the laundromats should purvey customized services periodically. Wedding dresses which are an embodiment of the nuptials should be handled with care. Perseverance of wedding dress is essential for the bridal and thus, the laundromat should rigorously clean the dress and thickly pack it so that it remains undamaged for long. Similarly, the laundromats should offer free pick and delivery services on bulk orders.

Follow the above-mentioned recommendations to successfully run the business.

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