Why corporate backing is more than just money?

Corporate investment firm does not only invest money in a business but they invests a lot more which helps a business grow.
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  • Dec 06,2017
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In today’s world, what a business lack is corporate backing. It is a positive advantage that still not realised by many of the entrepreneurs. The corporate financing in a business is not just the money but it’s a whole package which drives the business to success. It is not that investments from angel investors and investment firms are not beneficial, they are but what they lack is the support which corporate firms provide.

Many multinational companies and big firms are interested in investing in a startup and help them grow but only a few are the lucky ones who get that opportunity. It is not easy to pitch a big firm to invest in other business as they are also interested in to expand their business. If you are thinking that how will you contact a corporate firm then leave that task to BusinessEx online portal where corporate investment firms are registered to help you out. Besides financial support, they open up a lot of opportunities for a business. Let’s see what they provide a business except for funds and how that could be beneficial for your business.


With money, big firms also provide mentorship with their own experience and knowledge they act as a mentor for the business and guides in every big decision. They help the business in planning part but the execution is solely dependent on the business itself. Some firms also held mentorship programmes to give the entrepreneur the clarity on how to approach customers and how they can manage their business functioning.


Besides acting as a mentor, corporate firms also play a role as an incubator. Their main objective is to help young entrepreneurs grow by enabling them to have access to financial support, technical support and other basic needs. They provide various resources that help the businesses to cut their costs.


This is the part which is an added advantage with raising investment from corporate companies. As the company is working for quite a long time so they have created goodwill in the market then this benefit the small business. For instance, an MNC firm like Google invests in a startup so this will enhance the creditworthiness of the startup. Big firms always analyse the startup innovation now and if they see something in it so does everyone else will. This influence more investors to invest in the startups that are backed by corporate firms.


With the experience, the companies also build their network of investors, mentors, vendors, suppliers, etc which small businesses can take advantage of. The business can try to connect with business professionals associated with the corporate firm. There are events and networking meetings that the entrepreneur can attend to create a network of their own business.  

Strategy building

An entrepreneur can always learn the basic stuff from the company to improve their business like what values company believes in, their working environment, how they build their strategies, how to deal with clients, etc. These values help the small business to have a clear understanding of how an industry works and how to prepare their strategies so that they can also make an impact in the industry.


A collaboration of corporate firm and startup is always beneficial for both. In big firms, they generally follow traditional methods and startups are innovation based as well as uses a modern approach which helps both the firms to do good business. So as the heading states, the corporate backing is more than just the money.

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