What incubator provides startup besides their services?

Startups need incubators for their overall development as they are more than just mentors to them.
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  • Jan 10,2018
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Startups connect with incubators in order to boost their performance with the help of their services. But besides mentorship, co-working space, networking, resources, etc they provide these more services directly or indirectly to entrepreneurs which helps in their growth. An incubator is a key to startup success. A new entrepreneur does not know how the industry works, how to build networks, how to maintain business relation, where to raise funding, etc so it is essential that they use incubator services.  

Incubator provides various services but there is more than an entrepreneur can gain from them. An entrepreneur must know how and what they could get from incubators beyond their services. Let’s see:

Mutual Growth

An entrepreneur can always seek for mutual growth as it is free of cost and will benefit the business as well as an incubator. Sometimes an entrepreneur should think of an easy solution to get things done and the mutual help is the best way. In this approach, an entrepreneur can help out incubator by providing their services or any other way and in exchange can demand something that they require. This will help both parties to evolve. Taking advice and networking are the most suitable example of this approach.

Lifetime Learning

Learning never stops for anyone especially for those who just started needs more guidance than anyone else. Similarly, an entrepreneur of a startup needs to learn everything in the beginning like how the market works, how to raise funds, etc as bookish knowledge is not enough to run a business. The future of the startup is solely dependent on how an entrepreneur makes decisions. Through incubators, an entrepreneur learns the most like how and when to take which decision, how to work in this competitive environment etc. Besides these learnings, an entrepreneur also learns how to manage their personal and professional issues. As an incubator acts as a mentor also so entrepreneurs should grasp all the knowledge that they could besides basic business understanding.  

New way to look

The work of an incubator is surely a very challenging task as they help a startup to grow beyond the discrepancies exists in the business environment. An entrepreneur learns a lot from business incubator which helps in understanding how a business works and how to maintain relationships in order to run a business. Only doing business operations won’t help in business growth but building relationships also play a pivotal role.


During the bad phase, a startup goes to incubators support which helps the entrepreneur in building confidence and having belief that the startup will grow. An incubator is experienced in what they do so they know in advance whether the startup has potential to grow or is it just a waste of time to invest in it. An entrepreneur needs motivation and moral support to grow their business which they can get from business incubators.


An entrepreneur needs business incubators for their business development as well as self-development. They are the support that lifts up startup and makes it running but besides their general services, an entrepreneur can retrieve much more than they offer. They provide mentoring, networking, etc services to a startup but an entrepreneur can also gets business understanding, motivation, growth prospects, etc. In order to get all these services, it is also essential that they get that from the right incubator which startups can find from online networking platform like BusinessEx.

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