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What Are The Causes Of The Engine Overheating?

The automotive manufacturing companies invariably suggest keeping the car engine cool
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Dec 10,2018

An automobiles performance is primarily assessed by the engine that it comprises of. The strength, design and dexterity of the engine facilitate in making a car swift. Thus, the automotive manufacturing companies invariably suggest keeping the car engine cool. In essence, there are two ways of cooling down the car engine. Firstly, coolant fluid named antifreeze can be given to the car engine. The engine returns back to its normal temperature after immersing in the fluid. Furthermore, the fluid averts corrosion and scaling on the car engine. Secondly, the engine oil also facilitates in cooling down the car engine. Basically, every car engine utilizes an engine oil to keep it functioning. Other than running the engine, the engine oil also acts as a coolant and thus, prevents the engine from overheating. Thus, the automotive repairing and maintenance owners should rigorously employ these two methods to cool the car engines.

In case, the car engine is not supplied the aforementioned fluids then the engine eventually or steadily faces an irrevocable damage. There are various causes of such damages. Even, the automobile repairing business owner, sometimes, does not fully know the causes of the engine overheating.

Common Causes Of The Engine Overheating

The engine-overheating is the major problem that, in turn, makes the car dysfunctional. This failure is not merely caused by one reason but there are plenty of root causes leading to it. For new mechanics, it is tough to ascertain the root causes of engine failure. For their guidance, here are the root causes of the engine overheating.

  1. Leakage In The Coolant System

The engine is contingent on the cooling system to avert out bursting as well as overheating. In essence, there is an entire cooling system to enable the cooling process. The system primarily comprises of a water pump, hoses, head gasket, thermostat and radiator. These equipment are necessary to run the coolant system. If any of these instruments face a leak, then the entire coolant system collapses and in turn, leads to engine overheating.

If the mechanic ascertains the leakage in the coolant system, then he should bring the issue to the notice. Further, he should fix the issue before it worsens.

  1. Clogging Of Hoses

Sometimes, the coolant system does not have a leakage and still tends to overheat the engine. In such scenarios, the mechanic needs to check if any of the components is clogged. Mostly, hoses in the cooling system are found to be clogged as the dust and dirt enter in the hoses. The accumulated dust obstructs the coolant fluid to pass through the engine which, in turn, leads to the engine overheating.

So, the mechanic should look for the clogged hoses if he is unable to find leakage in the coolant system.

  1. Damage In The Water Pump

In the coolant system, the water pump is the essential complement as it propels the coolant fluid to flow in the engine. At times, like other components, the water pump gets worn out too which, in turn, hinders the coolant fluid is entering the engine. Thus, the mechanic should check the bump shaft or impeller vanes so as to discern the problem in the water pump.

  1. The Flaw In The Radiator

Radiator in the cooling system facilitates in transferring heat out of the engine. The transferred heat later comes back to the engine and aids in cooling down the engine. In case the radiator has glitches, then the radiator would prevent the coolant fluid to pass through the engine. So, the radiator is also another factor that is contributing to the engine failure.

The above-mentioned root causes dysfunction of the engine. These causes should be fixed by the mechanics immediately when noticed.

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