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To grow online presence of the business, adopt some strategies that can accelerate online sales
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  • Jun 23,2020
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The epidemic has changed the way businesses operate today. Owing to social distancing and other hygiene standards, individuals are preferring online shopping rather than physical shopping. Consequently, businesses have forayed into the Internet and begun operating digitally. While entering the virtual world, small companies have to compete with several competitors comprising regional, national and international business players. 

This exhibits that as the online business approaches more customers, the competition also becomes intense. In order to show one’s competency, quality services and promotion are effective tools. To grow online presence of the business, a company needs to adopt some strategies which are as follow: 

1. Digital Marketing 



It is an immensely used technique that helps increase business with little or no investment. One can take an online digital marketing course to learn fundamentals of online marketing. The learning will help identify the target audience, focus on attracting them and engage them on the company's website or online store. Some of the cost-effective promotion strategies are:

  • Create Business Listing on Google

Google, which is a renowned search engine, has a space wherein a business can register itself and create its online listing. With this listing, the company shows its location, opening hours, contact deets and website URL. It can also be used to increase SEO ranking of the website. In order to do it, the company can start using SEO-based articles, blogs and other short content.

  • Content Marketing

Content is a weaponry that a business can use to empower itself and also, create its recognition among customers. The company can create blog posts where it can talk about the industry it is dealing in. This will provide immense knowledge to the readers and build their confidence into the company and its products. 

Alongside this, the company can create SEO-based blog posts and increase its ranking on the search engine as well. 

2. Employ Social Media

Social media plays a crucial role in popularising brands amidst netizens. Blog posts are mainly published on social media networks to grab customer attraction. At present, there are a variety of social media networks on the internet. A company needs to identify its target audience and accordingly, create its content strategy. 

If a company wants to focus on young demographic, then it can employ social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. While focusing on middle-aged people, it can use Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to approach the audience.

Another tactic that a company can use to promote content is hashtag. Hashtags help not only make a post trending but also aid in analysing its reach and research other things.

3. Promote Business Like a PR Agent



Public relation agent has an integral role in popularising a brand. He connects the company with journalists and other media people to promote the brand. Small companies cannot afford to hire a PR agent. Therefore, they can act as their own PR agent and start connecting with small media houses. Newspaper, radio stations and editors often search for small companies to comprehend an industry through genuine sources. 

In this way, a company can get unpaid promotion and be featured in newspapers or relatable areas.  


4. Join Hands with Other Businesses


During the crisis, when survival becomes tough for small companies, they need to rely on business communities for support. Within their nexus, they can search for an apt company and collaborate with it. By doing this, both companies will be sharing their costs and mitigating losses in the pandemic. Furthermore, their customer base will expand and better strategies will be formed by two geniuses together. 


5. Slash Prices 


Many people are not able to fulfill their essential needs in the pandemic. In some regions, there is a huge shortage of food grains, hygienic products and other essential commodities. A small company dealing in food and other essential items can reduce the price of its products. Decreased price and good quality will definitely grab customers’ attention. 


The company can similarly address problems of small regions that are facing food shortage by supplying products there.   



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