Use Of Social Media Marketing Tools In Branding The Products

The software companies are updated with newly established trends and thus, render effective services to the customers
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Digitalization has switched the marketing to the online mode. Banners, posters and references, which were immensely employed strands of offline marketing, have modified or outdated at the status quo. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are top-notch marketing platforms for companies. Owing to which, the product branding is trailing digital trends and diligently promoting the products as well as services. EY’s Social Media Marketing report tells “80 per cent of brands advertise on web, social and mobile, indicating that more brands are spending on digital advertising than ever before as evidenced by the fact that digital ad spending is expected to grow faster than other marketing channels in India (47.5 per cent increase YOY in 2016). 60per cent of brands uses a 360 or an omnichannel approach to marketing, indicating that digital and social media marketing is being seen as more than a mere extension of traditional marketing and that brands are taking a more holistic approach.”

What Is Social Media Marketing’s Role In The Promotion?

Social media platforms act as a catalyst for the promotion. The online adverts and other promotional activities are viewed by the wider audience which, in turn, increments brand awareness and companies’ profitability. Employing software personnel for social media marketing and other relatable promoting work can be expensive for the companies. Setting up a separate online marketing division requires capital investment, recruiting skilled employees, and lots of zest as the initiative is not easy to manage if the entrepreneur is no conversant with social media marketing. In fact, there are invariably some companies which cannot acclimatize the latest trends. Reflecting on this problem, the small organizations can outsource the work from software companies. Primarily, the software companies are updated with newly established trends and thus, render effective services to the customers. The software development companies utilize social marketing tools to augment the customer base and further, make the SM easier.   

Presently, there are varieties of social marketing tools that are employed by software companies. Having the knowledge of these SM tools is essential for the entrepreneurs as it would help them to assess the brand promotion better. The currently employed SM tools are divided into two types that are, Self-service SMM tools and Enterprise SMM tools.     

  1.    Self-Service SMM Tools- They are mainly employed by software companies to augment the social presence of their clientele on the internet. The SMM tools which are utilized by the software development companies are:  


  •    Sprout Social- The tool reinforces Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  •    Hootsuite –The tool is one of the significant SMM tools as it supports all social media platforms. Furthermore, it is vastly liked for publishing and scheduling the social media posts.
  •    Agorapulse- The tool reinforces fewer social media platforms namely, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  •    Buffer- The tool reinforces all types of social media platforms, besides Instagram. Further, it is highly recommended for publishing the posts.
  •    Sendible- The tool is apt for all social media platforms. Further, it renders a white label for the agencies.
  •    Post Planner- The tool primarily supports Facebook and Twitter. It facilitates in scheduling as well as publishing the posts and further, demonstrates the viral content that is greatly liked by the viewers.


  1.    Enterprise SMM Tools: Like Self-service SMM tools, the enterprise tools facilitate in promoting the services and goods of the companies. The SMM enterprise tools that are employed by the software development company are:
  •    Shoutlet: The tool handles social media marketing communications for Facebook as well as email marketing.
  •    Spreadfast: The tool manages, surveils and gauges an enormous range of SM platforms along with white label options.
  •    Sprinklr: The social media marketing platform is a catalyst for promotion. Further, it offers consulting services to the agencies.

The SMM tools are highly effective for brand promotion and also, increment customer base.    

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