Tips to manage a team in a business

To manage an effective team, you must encourage your team and help them out with proper solutions
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Starting a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes hard-work and dedication to do so. Now that you have started a business, it’s time for the next step that is managing it. But managing is not always smooth. You need to inspire, motivate and lead your team to accomplish the goals set for your organization.

Now, who is a team?

A team involves diverse, dispersed and different group of people, who work together towards a common goal. And as the saying goes, “ Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Team effectiveness is very important for any group collaboration. The basic team effectiveness was identified by J. Richard Hackman, a pioneer in the field of organizational behavior who studied teams. He discovered that, What matters most to collaboration is not the personalities, attitudes, or behavioral styles of the team members. Instead what teams need to thrive are certain ‘enabling conditions.’

One UC Berkeley study says that high-performing individuals who are forced to work with other powerful individuals in a group actually end up with below average result. The reason for this is, they end up bickering about who gets to be the ‘top-dog’ instead of working towards the common goal. Having a team can make you or break you. Choice is yours, you need to manage your team.

Reasons behind failure of teams,

There are many reasons behind the failure of a team. It can be lack of purpose, unclear roles, etc. Cynthia Josef, founder of The Nadodi says, “Managing a team is one of the biggest challenges. Everyone has their own mindset and sometimes that doesn’t work. Poor training or team strategies can be some reasons for failure. Also, poor decision making capability, not able to deal with conflicts, lack of resources and not ready to change with the changing environment can lead to team failures.”

So, how do we manage a team? Here are few tips about how to manage a team effectively,

  1. When you say team, be a real team and not just for the namesake

No idea is a bad when working as a team. If you are working as a team, treat everyone equally. An employee will require proper guidance and training, so be with them. Lakshya Fomra, Founder of Post-Moji says, “When you make a team, they became a part of your regular life, you need to keep them updated and share all the important information, whether they are senior employees or just the fresher’s.  Mix up with them, if possible go out for dinner or lunch. I believe if your team is happy and satisfied they will produce better results.”


  1. Keep your doors open for all the queries

In the process to understand something, we have to keep questioning. Asking question is a good sign. Bipul Vikrant, founder of Flush Designs told, “Always keep your door open for your employees. You cannot expect your employees to be perfect. They will make mistakes and if you won’t allow them to ask questions, then they will never improve. Be available and accessible as much as possible. To manage a team better, I will suggest keep your door open and welcome new ideas as well as questions.”


  1. Before customers, team comes

Always prioritize your team and as a result they will take care of your customers. “If your employees are happy then definitely they will put their best foot forward to impress the customers. Happy employees are equal to happy customers. They will only represent your brand outside. So, try to build employee experience first and then customer’s experience.” Says Minal Goel, Founder of Tolovefromlove.


  1. Change is the only constant

Change cannot be ignored. You have to accept and adapt in that environment, especially when you are operating any company. “You should always inform your team that change will occur at some point of time, so that they can be mentally prepared for that. Trends keep changing and so you should. Not only the employees but you must also accept the changes.” Says Chenddyna Schae, founder of Jus’trufs. She also added that, “every time some or the other customer demands something new, and my team helps me to understand the trends and needs of our customers.” This will help you to better collaborate as well as understand each other.


Also keep in mind to manage an effective team, you must encourage your team and help them out  and most importantly communicate with them. Communication can fix every mess. So, try to talk and be friendly with your team. Teams that perform well are supported by the right executives and managers.


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