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India is the third largest startup economy in the world but only 9 percent of the startup founders are women
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According to a survey report by Economic Times, India scored an overall 41.7 points, ranking 49 among 54 economies globally with comparatively low in Women Business Ownership percentages. Due to lower opportunities for women in entrepreneurial activities, explain the above data.  Even in a research by YourStory, it is stated that only 2% of all the equity funding this year went to women entrepreneurs and when it comes to global figure only 3% of global funding went to the startups led by women. Although the data is not encouraging but women entrepreneurs are growing slowly and  what surprises the most is the recently held Global Entrepreneur Submit in Hyderabad. In which more than 52.5 percent of the 1,500 entrepreneurs were women.

According to Anna Roy, advisor to NITI Aayog, who organized GES, told it was a decision by the Indian and the US governments to concentrate on women entrepreneurs at the event.


Major problems that every women entrepreneur faces

India is the third largest startup economy in the world but only 9 percent of the startup founders are women. “At each and every step unlike men, we are being questioned about, safety, stability and security. People doubt our abilities, when it comes to entrepreneurship or working in any IT sector and the investors also doesn’t want to invest in a women’s start-up especially if the women is married.” Says Cynthia Josef, a women entrepreneur and founder of The Nadodi. There could be various reasons from social perception to economic challenges.  These all factors are the reasons why only 9 percent of the women are involved in entrepreneur careers. This all discourage them and lower their morale. We need to encourage and boost them.


Tips to boost and empower a woman

Besides all the above problems number of women has increased in this field. “ Women’s have enough potential but due to social and financial barriers they couldn’t get a fair chance to run a business or start a career as an entrepreneur.” Cynthia told.

In this case, the family, friends, and husband must encourage her to go in the direction of their dreams. Now, government has also initiated many startup programs which will encourage women to build a career in this field. Few other tips are,


Above all, support her

 Women are multitasking. They can manage, home, kids and office but at times they need someone who can encourage them and stand by their side when they are facing problems. Be supportive not only by appreciating her but also when you criticizing her. “All we need is support and positive attitude towards our work. No door is closed and no road is out of bound.” Says Chenddyna Schae, Founder of Jus’truf, Bangalore.


Utilizing strengths and talents at the right place

Many women entrepreneurs are good at some or the other skills. They have a plan. And they know how they will go about their startup, how to get funding and how they will impress and increase the number of clients. But at times, with loads of work pressure they do not utilize their strengths at the right place. “ To utilize our strengths and talent at the right place, we need to know it first. So at each step, we need to realize about our actual strengths and where we should use what. Only because I love food and chocolate, I decided to make my passion as a profession.” says Schae.  This will help in growing their business and automatically boost them to do better.


Fair Chance is all they need

Every entrepreneur needs motivation and that is only possible when you give women equal opportunities, salaries and chances. “It is a well known fact that there’s a glass ceiling between men and women at most of the corporate and I think this is one of the many reasons women are going towards their own startups.” Says Josef.  “We just need a fair chance to prove ourselves. So, keep motivating and provide equal opportunities to us which will boost them to do better.” She added.


Confidence is the key to many locked opportunities

Make her understand that she can do it in and sky is the limit. Boost her confidence in all possible ways. “I believe one must be confident of whatever they are doing. Believe you can and it will be done. Let your women feel this way and ask her to make her own decision.” Says  schae.

It is important to be confident in this roller-costar journey. Women have come a long way from just being a homemaker. Some of the successful female entrepreneurs like, Indra Nooyi, Ekta Kapoor, Suchi Mukerjee and many other are out there. And in future, there will be many more. You just need to encourage and support them through all the thick and thins and then watch them grow. Let them learn and evolve through their daily work. It’s time for them to take the initiative.

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