This Green Solutions Provider Helps Create a Green Ambiance

The Bengaluru-based company provides green solutions from balconies at home, corporate office to restaurants, they cover it all
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  • Jul 28,2020
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During the Coronavirus pandemic, people have developed an inclination for nature. They have realized atrocities done against mother nature and started adopting greenery in their ambiance. At this point in time, green solutions providers are seeing a rise without actively engaging in the promotion. 

One such company is the Bengaluru-based green solution provider, Your Green Canvas. The company's co-founders started their business from scratch. Over the years, it has developed into a huge business, thereby stimulating the two women entrepreneurs to begin working for corporates and individual customers. 

"During the inception phase, we took some time to comprehend the industry. We figured out how plants can become adaptive to the interior environment of home, resourcing and finding vendors who can supply glasses," Babita Sinha, Co-founder at YourGreenCanvas.

People began appreciating their work which, in turn, led a word-of-mouth strategy rather than an active marketing plan. 

The co-founders were friends before they together established the company. They used to travel abroad together with their families. In London, they came across a terrarium workshop and decided to give it a try. 

"We thought that it is a good way of getting green inside the house. People in places like Bangalore do not see much greenery. Six years ago, it was a new business concept," Saumya Lakshman Tiwary, Co-founder at YourGreenCanvas.

Offering Green Solutions 

The Bengaluru-based company broadly provides green solutions into every aspect their customers want to see. These aspects comprise balconies at home, corporate office, and restaurants. Infrastructure work is the new edition that the company will be undertaking extensively in the forthcoming time.

Within this, the company will be working for deforestation, replanting, and other infrastructure work. Besides this, it offers ready-to-install balconies and deals in terrariums as well as other small products. It has been holding workshops with corporates and retail clientele to educate them about nature.

Business Revolution 

The company has seen a massive change from when it was established to the present. It had begun offering terrariums and now, it is offering every green solution therein. Earlier on, the biggest change or revolution that the company saw was the people's perception of green. 

Now, green is something that is becoming part of people's lifestyles. 

Even, with the onset of Coronavirus, people released the importance of greenery and started buying plants (from nurseries). So, there is a huge change in customers' demands. 

"There is a massive change from when we started to now, we started with a terrarium and now, we are offering every green solution therein," Tiwary told the BusinessEx.  

How Pandemic Impacted the Business

The Coronavirus has made a mixed impact on the green solutions business. There has been a positive impact on retail clients such as homeowners and other individual clientele. On the other hand, corporate projects have ceased owing to the pandemic. 

"Retail clients started valuing green solutions much more than they originally did. Now, they are actually at home and looking for things in their home. Earlier, they were in offices and our company was actively offering services in the corporates. On the flip side, the pandemic has created a bad impact on our large corporate projects, which is a ripple effect of everything else," Tiwary stated.  

The company fundamentally hires from the local community. Thus, it has not faced any labor issues so far. It essentially undertakes maintenance of larger buildings; mostly, in the outside area. It is mandatorily taking all safety gear as much as possible. It is getting its staff tested for the virus periodically. It is also educating its employees about hygiene and offered protective gear to them.

Overall, the company is adequately balancing itself in the dicey situation. It has neither sacked people nor shrunken its business; it has merely diverted the business to cater to the retail clients. 

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