This Company Uses Pandemic as an Opportunity to Accelerate Business

Only a handful of companies that are adapting with the environment and acknowledging the change in the ecosystem
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  • Jun 11,2020
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When the pandemic is drilling a hole in India’s economy, market recession is not far. The contagion is getting on the nerves of entrepreneurs, consequently, affecting businesses in standing upright. The Indian market is not going by experts' predictions and thus, companies are not prepared to deal with this unforeseen threat. At the same time, there are a handful of companies that are adapting with the environment and acknowledging the change. 

One such company is Uttarakhand-based firm, Ambrose Farms Pvt Ltd. The company initiated its operations a few years back and similar to other companies, it got badly hit due to Coronavirus. However, instead of accepting its downfall, the company's co-founders diverted its course of action. From a hospitality business, the organisation transited into an online grocery platform and began providing fruits, vegetables and eatables across Dehradun.  

"We have recently launched Ambrose Farms Pvt. Ltd. We already have a hospitality business and seeing the pandemic, as well as predicting the future, in the coming few months. We come with a solution to sanitize vegetables, pick them from farmers, pack those essentials and deliver them in a sanitised manner to people," Vishwass Ghai, Managing Director of Ambrose Farms Pvt. Ltd told the BusinessEx. 

The company has launched its subsidiary business during the lockdown. Besides this, it has created its online application in order to make the food ordering process easier for customers. 

Penetrating in the Market at the Right Time 

Street hawkers and food vendors mainly fail to provide sanitised eatables that people are currently looking at. Understanding this problem, Ambrose started this business and project in Dehradun. 

At present, big companies like Big Basket and Grofers have not entered tier-2 cities and seeing this opportunity, the company launched its online grocery delivery services. Coming to the products' sanitization, the company has applied the hospitality sector’s safety and hygiene standards in delivery services at this point of time. 

When vegetables come from hawkers, the company collects in a sophisticated way. The vegetables that are taken from hawkers undergo a chemical process of sanitation, the process has been used for a long time to make products bacteria-free. 

"In today's time, every food business is following this substandard to sanitize products. Besides that, the company ensures that their delivery staff is wearing PPE kits, sanitising the customers' hands and then giving out products. So, there is a sense of safety, and security while delivering the product," Ghai informed safety measures taken during the pandemic.   

Optimising the Workforce 

While companies are staggering, the immediate effect of business downfall can be felt by employees. Currently, the country has the highest unemployment rate of all time. The organizations are laying off, terminating and furloughing the employees as it is considered as the most effective way to reduce costs.  

While laying off has become mainstream, the Uttarakhand-based online grocery platform is not following this approach. It believes in investing money on technology development and upskilling its staff. 

With the onset of pandemic, Ambrose, which has a headcount of 250 people, was tensed as to how to keep its business afloat. Changing its nature of business was an apt decision although it was not clear how to execute it in less than a month’s time.  

Thereby, it took small steps in the initial phase and firstly, trained its staff about the delivery process. Secondly, it embedded technology to make the delivery process quicker such as chatbots and artificial intelligence. In this project, it is working along with the agriculture industry and providing essential services like WhatsApp services, Facebook services and applications to the people who are taking products. 

Thus , the company has trained its entire staff and integrated technology into the process. By upskilling employees, it is using available resources and hence, does not have to hire anymore people. This serves as an example of how a company can optimise and leverage human resources.

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