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Things to Avoid from Letting Your Venture Meet its Doom

The initial days of a startup company are golden ones as the entrepreneur’s zest is at its peak during that time
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Apr 01,2019

A clich startups grapple for survival in the initial five years is massively known in the industry. As a result, when an entrepreneur introduces himself as a startup owner then people, essentially industry minds, questions his ability. In the first place, setting up a company is a big deal for first-time entrepreneurs as choosing the right business idea and executing it in the right manner are both extremely important.

Even though business plans are implemented as decided; sometimes, they are loopholes in the system or say, the need of plan B. Making the plans and strategies fool-proof is significant for businessmen or else, they may lag in the race.

Pitfalls to Avoid

The initial days of a startup company are the golden ones as the entrepreneurs zest is on the peak during that time. Companies work aggressively in the beginning to survive in the business ecosystem; later, as the stability is attained, the startup works on all the pain points. Once the profitability becomes constant, many companies stop toiling and begin to think about business expansion and revenue numbers.

Such drifts, from customer-centric to revenue-centric, are mostly taken by all the business ventures; owing to which, gaps in the system appear that are not identified for a long time. Overlooking business-related problems can ultimately lead to business failure. Besides the cash crunch, there is a multitude of other problems that arise in the business.

  1. Problems in Coping with Partners

For setting up an organization, the entrepreneurial hands should have expertise and capital. As a result, most companies are founded by conjoined hands than single entrepreneurs.

Before establishing the company, it is imperative to find business partners with whom one shares mutual interests. More so, the co-partners should be trustworthy and should guide each other well in the business-related matters.

To avoid any breach or disagreement, one should check ones prospective business partners on certain parameters and subsequently, take the decision.

  1. Bootstrapping Plan

Business organizations essentially need money for growth as well as survival. If an entrepreneur starts a business with a meagre amount then he will be earning the revenue in the same proportion.

For earning higher, the entrepreneur needs to invest more money in the business or seek investors for the same. Operating a pea-sized company for a long time does not guarantee success and good revenue. Thus, the company needs to look for external investments and, accordingly, approach investment capitalists.

  1. Lack of Foresightedness

For predicting the business environment, one needs to monitor the market and plan things in advance. If one starts the business today, then one needs to map out business plans and strategies for the next ten years now.

Usually, new business owners plan things up to a period of one year or so and later stop planning ahead. Owing to this, their companies stagger and fall down before completing the five-year tenure.

Therefore, entrepreneurs should emphasize planning and strategize than achieving profitability in the business.

  1. Not Willing to Adopt Changes

The business ecosystem is highly dynamic and thus, an entrepreneur needs to be prepared to adopt the newer changes. An entrepreneur who remains adamant to a certain business idea and abstains to change the course, ultimately, gets shoved off the race. To keep the business afloat, a business owner should be adaptive and embrace changes which yield out positive results in the business.

Avoid the aforementioned problems in the business as they can lead to business shut down if not fixed immediately. Further, it is important to keep one well-versed with the changes happening in the industry as it will help prepare the business in advance against unforeseen events.

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